What happens when you practice gratitude…….

Do you practice gratitude?
Are your grateful for your life?


Is the cup always on empty?
Do you tend to focus on the good things?


The bad things?
Do you realize that you have the ability to bring amazing things into your life. 
Did you know that with just a few positive thoughts daily, that you can truly change your life? 
Being blessed instead of stressed, is a habit! Learning how to take a bad situation and find something good in it, is what I do. I haven’t always thought that way though, I had to retrain my brain.
I had to teach it how to look for the good. I had to practice acceptance and self love. I had to rewire a few things that weren’t serving me anymore. Clearly at one time it felt good to me to be Miss negative. I thrived off of being the victim of my own life.

But then I realized that I was in control of me. I also realized I wanted more out of my life, and I was the only one who could change myself. 

And so began my journey🙋
I know it’s hard to fathom that thinking differently will produce different results in your life, but it’s so true! 
We attract the very thing we put out! If you live your life afraid, then fear is what you will attract.
If you say “we’re poor, we’re never going to have money” then your exactly right, because you’ve already decided this on a mental

If you say “I don’t have time”, then guess what, your right again because you are unwilling to make time.
You see people are all the same, even though we seem so different. We all want something more, but we’re not all willing to do the work to get there. I challenge you to own yourself!
Pay attention to your thoughts today, just watch them and see where your mind goes. If your willing to change a few things, then you will begin to open up a whole new world!

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