It’s hard to hear opportunity knocking if your too busy knocking the opportunity 

How open are you to new things?
How often do you play it safe?
When was the last time that you listened to something or someone with an open mind? 
You will never change your current situation unless you have the guts to do something new. I know, because I was once walking through life on auto pilot.  
I was content for sure, but was that enough? I’ve been doing hair for almost 13 years, and I love every bit of it. I love my clients who are also my family and friends. I love that I get to make real relationships with these people, and that I also get to make them beautiful. 
However, I decided I needed something else in my life, to shake things up a little bit. I wanted something that would excite me, and scare me at the same time. I was so tired of the same thing every month, and every year. Routine is ok for me to a certain extent, but then its time for something else.

It’s time to do something different. When I decided to start a business from home, and become a marketer for an anti aging company, I was the worst candidate for it. I passed up the opportunity a good 6 times before I would even look at it. 
I did what every other person in the world does when they want to learn about something new, I googled it. I was more interested in the price, because I was a bit of a cheap ass. I read the reviews, some good and some bad.  
I finally relented to trying the night cream for 5 nights. I forgot to use it the first couple nights, and then I finally remembered to put it on before bed. I proceeded to joke with my husband about how young I was going to look in the morning. The girl I got it from, said I had to use it for 5 nights in a row, to feel the results. 
Well guess what? 
After the 5th night I was actually loving my skin. My brain had found every single way to try to keep me from trying this product, but then my face fell in love with it. In fact I loved it so much, I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to learn about the company, and also about the business side of it. I thought “this stuff is so amazing anyone who tries it will fall in love!” I also thought “this will sell itself!” Which is partly true✌️
Now let me pause here and tell you another fact about myself, I’ve never been in sales. (I don’t count the 6 months I sold insurance and yes, I was licensed) The closest thing I’ve ever come to selling, might be putting a for sale sign on my car, and sticking it out on the street. So my brain is still telling me no way to this, but my authentic voice was becoming crystal clear.
I had already found 38 reasons why I wasn’t even going to try the product. I also found 62 more reasons why I wouldn’t like it. So you see my mind was exactly like yours. I almost missed the opportunity of a life time, because I thought I had it all figured out. My tunnel vision, and my conditioned brain, were on a roll. If I had listened to my mind, I would not be here writing you today. 
But then I tuned into my authentic voice.
Do you remember that voice?

It’s not the one that comes from your head, but rather your heart. 

It’s the voice that aligns perfectly with who we are, and what we really want from life. It’s the voice of hope and not the voice of reason. It’s brave and it doesn’t live In fear. 
We can talk ourselves out of anything, if that’s what we’ve trained ourself to do. So why not train ourselves to do something different, to be someone better?
I went way out of my comfort zone, and just sort of jumped off the cliff. I can’t see where this path leads exactly, and that’s part of the magic. However, when I stopped playing it safe, My energy started to change. The more I give, the more I receive. I’m so glad I was strong enough to get past myself💜 I am open to an abundance of wealth and opportunity. I am brave enough to ask for this and to make it happen.
Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime because your too busy knocking it⭐️

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