My Easter Presence In Pictures ⭐️

I took full advantage of the Holiday and I spent time doing what I love the most, hanging out with the people I love.  

My heart was filled and overflowing the entire time.  Here are a few of the things I did to fill my cup.  

My granddaughter Tatum! I took her shopping Thursday because I knew on Easter she would have lots of new things to play with.  She picked out these eggs which she actually thinks are “balls”! That’s what happens when it’s the first Easter 🐣 you’re old enough to understand a little! 

I spent time with my one true love. In this picture he said “what are you doing?” And I said “whatever I want!” I am always taking pictures when no one is paying attention, and I’m also taking pictures when you are paying attention, HA! I’m thankful for this man, because even though he doesn’t quite understand my obsession with growing online, he still supports me, puts up with my shenanigans and loves me!

Here I am hanging out with my bitches! That’s right I called them my bitches, it’s a term of endearment and I don’t really care if you approve or not! #scissorsquad (part of it) We laugh so much when we’re together that it makes my brain explode with happiness and my heart full of love!

Here we are about to go out and kick it! We had drinks on my front porch, then we were all headed to a surprise birthday party! When you take time to have fun, life rewards you. Be intentional with your time, because we never know how much time we have left!

Even the car ride there is a shit ton of fun.  My friend had a thing with balloons, so she normally brings one out with us to make her more comfortable! She’s gonna kill me for that one because it’s a complete fabrication ha ha ha! It’s for the birthday girl really but my story is so much better. Believe it or not that simple, little, pink balloon brought about a lot of laughs and funny conversations.

We made it to the party and some of us ate dinner, and some of us did not! This was not by choice, however we were very happy to fill up on chips and dip, thank you Mexican Restaurant 

Since we were already out for the night, and we’re old and hardly ever do it, we continued on to the local bar. Where more drinks, laughter, and funniness occurred. Sometimes when we’re out, it’s like we’re in a bubble. I remember the most random shit later on about our adventures! I am blessed to have the friends I do, and I don’t take a single one of them for granted 💜

What a 12 year olds Easter Basket looks like. A hat is the actual basket, a bit of candy, and a few other random items! My daughters stuck right in the middle of being a little girl, and growing into a young lady. I am thankful for her and everything about her! I don’t even know where she gets her sassy from, but I hope she never loses it.

Easter morning we went to church! We are the Easter People! As you can very well see, it was windy as shit, and they might have put up a little fight about this picture, but they perservered! I am lucky to have them as mine!

After church it was in dinner at grandmas house! These are my sisters, my friends, my confidonates. We don’t get together enough, but we will become more intentional with our time! 

Ha ha ha 

My brother and I, and we take life very seriously. If you believe that then your riding the cray cray train! Love my little single brother! 

My momma and I, chilling on the couch hanging with kids! #presence #love #familyfirst

My grandma! She’s where the family started! I had to show you all 3 pictures so you can get a full understanding of what goes on behind the scenes! Check out all of her grandkids on the wall behind us! Whenever we take a picture here and I post it on FB, I tag those people in the photos! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

After party at my sisters! Squeezing in just a few more sweet hours of family time! 

Yesterday we took Tatum to the park because my family didn’t have school.  Even the dog got to come, and she was happy!

Then we went to my dads to visit and I didn’t take any pictures (what the hell was I thinking?)  We went for a ride on the gator and played some pinball, and after that we took someone to get their own ice cream cone!

​And that my friends is how you fill your cup! That is how you do an Easter Weekend, and this is how you practice gratitude ✌️

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