Happy Easter from the non-judgmental Christian

It’s Easter Day and what a glorious day it is. We are reminded this time of the year to forgive. We are healed by his wounds, and we are all sinners.  

Over the years our Easter traditions have stayed the same. We will visit church this morning and have lunch at my grandmas house.  The kids continue to multiply and grow and so does our Easter egg hunt. We will all try to cram inside her little house, and share in our blessings.

Today I often ponder the thought of scraficing my own son, and I realize that I would never have the strength to do that. It would be easy to sacrifice myself for my child, I would do that in a heartbeat. But what about sacraficing my only child, for someone else’s sins? 

I couldn’t do it, I don’t have it in me. That’s how we know it was the ultimate sacrifice. God gave his only son for us! 

I am thankful for this day, and the traditions that it brings with it.  When the whole world stops, to celebrate together an amazing feeling occurs within.  The holy spirit is honored, and I will feel it coursing through my body today.  I will take the time to forgive those who need it, and I will also take time to forgive myself.  

I will spend time with those that I love, and we will celebrate.  My daughter is 12 and as is with all traditions,  things have started to change this year.  We didn’t color eggs for the first time. And,  I was almost sad, but then I remembered that our lives are always changing, and this is a good thing.

The more I learn to love myself, the closer I feel to God.  He wants us to be happy, and healthy. He doesn’t was us to live in fear, or in shame.  He wants  us to learn, and to grow into our authentic selves.  He doesn’t want us to be afraid, he wants us to live and to love! We have just this 1 life, and we get to whatever we want with it.

If you need a little Jesus in your life, today is the perfect day for you to learn about him.  He loves you and everything about you. He already knows your weaknesses and your strengths.  He knows everything about you because he made you.   

I know sometimes Christian’s  can make you  feel turned off by their judgments.  I want you to know that not all christians  are the same.  My God doesn’t want me to judge you at all. He wants me to love you and to accept you and all of your beautiful flaws. My God is not waiting on you to make your next mistake, so he can condemn you. He’s ready to forgive you, and to love you, and to pick you up and help you again, and again.  

My God is love, and I will be the change that I want to see in the world.  

Happy Easter Friends

Don’t be afraid and do not judge 

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