Today I’m going to inspire you to find your focus! What do you focus on during the day, and during the week? 

You have a shit ton of potential, but often times your just afraid to use it. Fear then creates the viscous cycle of staying the same. Fear keeps you right in the smack dab of your comfort zone! 
Do you focus on all of the things you don’t have? 

Like “I wish had a better house!”

“I wish I could work out more”

“I want a better job”

“I wish I had more free time”

” I want more money”

“My life sucks”

Because if those are the things that your telling yourself daily, you are focusing on the wrong shit. You are literally attracting a bunch of nothingness into your life. I wish and I want are for the birds. You need to change you wording, and your mindset. If you understood how much power your words and thoughts have, you would begin to change your vocabulary this very instant.  
When we decide to change our lives, and our daily habits change also. When we do new things, and get out of our comfort zones, the magic begins. You were not made to simply work and die. You were made to dream big, and to believe in yourself. You were made to be different, and to be the change. You were made with a purpose and I ask you “Are you fulfilling your own life prophecy?   

Get on it Friends! Change your focus and change your life.

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