Which way are you going?

Today I’m going to inspire you ask yourself which direction you’re headed!? Are you going forward, or backwards? If your not really sure which way your going, you might be stuck. And if your stuck, you may as well consider that the same as going backwards.
If you look back on your life 1 year ago, and reflect on your changes, what would they be? What have you done over the last year that has made you grow? What have you done that’s new, and out of your comfort zone? What did you do that scared you, and excited you all at the same Time? What have you done for yourself that required personal growth?
By personal, I mean not one of your parenting duties, or spousal duties. I don’t mean volunteering your time somewhere, I mean looking inside yourself. What have you done that’s for you? What have you contributed to your life in the last year? You are after all, the master of your life, The creator of your own adult circumstances.

If you don’t deal with your feelings, and your issues, then your feelings are going to deal with you. They don’t just go away, and they don’t just work themselves out. After years of living in denial and pain, I finally found a way to break free. I put in the work, and I tore down all of the walls that were surrounding me. I decided it was time to create a different life.
I decided it was time to for something new. History will repeat itself over, and over again. Until, you become conscious and see what role your playing in all of this. You are the reason your happy, and your the reason your sad. You are the reason your afraid, and you’re the reason that you’re brave. You are the reason your poor, and you are the reason you’re rich. You are the reason your growing, and your also the reason your going backwards. Your the reason you always say no, and you’re the reason you can learn to say yes. 
I’m on a mission to help people understand that the change begins within. You are responsible for you! Stand up for yourself and start creating the life you want, not the life your afraid of. Be the change, Be bold, and believe in yourself.  
But whatever you do, don’t live your life in fear❤️

Don’t play the what if game⭐

Surround yourself with people who make you better💙
You get 1 life and you are the author⭐





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