Where’s your focus people?

Today I’m going to inspire you change your focus. We as humans have trained our brains to react a certain way! It’s kind of like is the glass half full or half empty?  
Sometimes we train ourselves to focus on things in the future, that might not even happen. When we begin to do this, we bring some anxiety into our lives. Anxiety is brought on by to much of the unknown. That’s where it all begins, and from there we just go crazy with it. One thought leads to another thought, and before you know it you’ve made up so much nonsense in your mind, that you don’t even remember where it started.  
You know it’s true! I am even guilty in the past of creating my own unnecessary anxiety. But I’ve learned how to change that. I’ve learned new way to bring myself out of my fears. I’ve learned how to make my mind work for me instead of against of me. I’ve learned things about my brain that have totally blown my mind, and now I’m sharing my tips with you.  
When you see people who practice mindfulness, they are calmer and happier then most. They radiate a lot of positive energy, and they tend to brighten the mood wherever they go. They bring a positive mindset with them. They are practicing consciousness. They are learning presence.  
They weren’t just born with a positive mindset though. They are just like us, they all were children at one time, and therefore products of their own environments. These people have decided that they want a change internally. They have chose to rewire their conditioned selves, and choose a new way of thinking.
I used to be a victim to my life. I used to also be my own judge, and inner bully. But one day I decided it was time to change a few things. I got really brave and I started to learn more about myself. I decided it was time to heal the hurt little girl inside me, and in doing so I blossom into the magnificent goddess that I was meant to be.  
I learned how to honor my authentic self again. I can finally hear my spirit clear and consciously. My voice is alive and well and I love hearing it again. I know without a doubt big things are going to happen from all of this. I know that this is only the beginning, of a new awakening and I’m so glad I get to share it with you. 
Learn to focus on the things that you can control✌️

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