Unleash Your Inner Warrior

If you want something different in your life then you must be willing to do something different. It’s ok if your afraid, that means shit just got real. How can you ever grow if you don’t change your daily habits?  
Sometimes we as humans find a safety net in our comfort zone. It’s like we talk our selves out of anything that makes us feel a little uncomfortable. We have trained ourselves to play it safe, but how are you going to grow in the safe zone? 
How will you ever know what your really capable of, if your to afraid to try something new? Failure doesn’t come from trying, it comes from being to afraid to try. You cannot fail if your trying, the failing is a lesson, it teaches you what you need to do differently.  
One day I woke up from my trance. I was literally sleepwalking through my life, unconscious and perfectly safe. I hadn’t challenged myself in forever. I don’t know what all happened to cause my awakening, I just know that I wanted more in my life. I knew that I wanted to help other people and also do something for myself.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in opportunities, and making our own dreams come true. 14 months ago I was introduced to something new. I had my preconceived notions about it all, and I was probably one of the worst people ever to talk to about skincare. I had an excuse and a reason for everything. You couldn’t have changed my mind if you tried. 
But then finally, I was able to get past myself. I was able to knock out every single lie that I had told myself. I was able to get past my own bullshit and I’m soooooo happy that I did. That one decision has led me to many different places, both personally and professionally. I am doing things that make my heart happy and thy honor my authentic voice.  
I am living again for the first time in years. There’s a passion alive inside of me, A spark that has ignited a fire. My soul is happy and it’s full of love. I am the adult creative and I hope I’ve inspired you to create something new!

If you want to be a part of something amazing and authentic I invite you to join my team ⭐ Click here to get started

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