Nobody can fix your heart but you 💜

This quote sang a beautiful song to me, It was so true that I felt it in my heart. I have lived this, I am this! I decided one day that it was time to change my story. I decided one day that I was going to through hella pain to come out free on the other side.  
Tearing down your own walls, is a scary and painful process. We put them up for a reason, and they keep us safe. But one day, I decided that I had, had enough. I decided that I needed to be free from it all. Hadn’t I carried it around long enough? Wasn’t it mine to let go? But how? How was I going to get around myself? How was I going to change my story? How could I learn something different? How could I break the cycle of the pain, and heal the parts that needed healing? 
The first thing I did was, I started seeking information that would help me understand myself better. I started reading books that were about personal development, and I started being honest with myself. What things in my life did I need to deal with, in order to move forward? I lived in denial quite often, and avoidance the other half of the time. I had trained myself to both deny and avoid, so why couldn’t I train myself to accept and to embrace? 
And this my friends was the beginning of my beautiful journey. This is when I did in fact learn to change so many things about myself. This is why I’m here writing to you today. You see I know that I am in charge of my life, and my feelings. I also know that if I change nothing, then nothing would change. I know that my stories will help many people all over the world. I know that my journey to consciousness is an amazing gift, and I can’t wait to learn more. 
We all create our own internal experience, and we’re the only ones who have to experience it daily. We carry it around with us on the inside, it’s ours. You can do anything you want! You can become anything new! You make your internal experience a peaceful one.  
Take the time to heal your ❤️ heart, your spirit will thank you for it.

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