Are you withholding the very thing you desire?

Today I’m going to inspire you to ask yourself what your withholding? Do you feel as though your in need of something that you might not be getting? 
It could be more money, love, appreciation, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, or many other things. What we don’t understand is that sometimes we are the very reason that it’s not happening. We are often the problem, we are blocking these things from our life by not putting them into the world.  
This can be quite confusing, if it’s the first time you’ve ever heard of it. I know I sure didn’t believe it until I started practicing it. I remember thinking I wanted to bring peace and healing into my life, but there were a few trouble areas. I couldn’t have peace, until I made peace with a few people or situations. 
Yes I was peaceful and kind to most, but then I held a grudge against a few people that I thought had done me wrong. I was stuck in my pain body when it came to forgiving, and staying mad was easier. However, you see I can’t bring peace into my life if I’m not being peaceful.  
This doesn’t mean that we are a door mat for people to wipe their feet on. It does mean that I had to come to terms with the pain in order to move forward. The world has a way of responding to what we need to learn on a daily basis. It gives us these situations until we learn from them.  
I can’t send out peace to 90% of the people in my life, and then hold onto resentment for the other 10%. If I do this, I’m blocking the peace all together. I had to be willing to let go of the hurt that these people had caused me. I had to be willing to look inside myself and to forgive myself for trusting the wrong people. I had to admit that I was beating myself up for no good reason. (Bad habits die hard)
I had to learn to go beyond myself. I had to learn that I was the one who was keeping myself stuck. I had to learn that I must forgive and move on. I had to learn to not make things about me, because most generally it has to do with the other person. We just sometimes like to make everything about us, because that’s all we know.  
But I’m here to tell you that you can change anything you want. You can have anything you want, but your going to have to be brave! Your going to have release whatever it is that’s holding you back. You are going to have to dig deep inside yourself and find out what’s holding you back.  

Listen I know it’s scary, and confusing, and all together somewhat crazy to look inside ourselves. But as you begin to peel away the layers of yourself, you will begin to start a new awakening. You will begin to attract different people into your life. 
You will become open to abundance when you give abundantly!

You will earn more money when you give more money.

You will invite forgiveness into your life when you begin to forgive. 

You will receive more positive things when your give out the positivity.
Take a look at you, and ask yourself what are you blocking from coming into your life, and what can you do about it?
I’m betting you already know the answer!

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