What if you were obsessed with the stuff you like about yourself?

What if we were obsessed with the things we liked about ourselves? What if we could train our brains to see the good instead of the bad? What if you could change everything you think, just by thinking differently? 
We can change our brains if we make it a priority. We can learn new ways to think. We can learn new ways to react⭐ we are not stuck with the brain we have. We have the ability to change it. Our brain is like any other muscle in our body. The parts you use get stronger and stronger. No one is born with the great ability to see things differently.
I didn’t wake up one day and have this new brain. I’ve worked really hard and I will

Continue to work really hard on myself. Because in order to love my life and my brain I needed to make a few changes. Our brains are wired to remember the bad, and forget the the good. However if you take the time to feed your brain you will begin to see changes.  

Your brain wants to escape pain at all cost, and it will do some crazy stuff to keep you stuck. I started learning about our brain and I couldn’t stop. I am in the middle of an awakening, and the beginning of a new cycle in my life. I’m on a mission to help myself and anyone else who wants to take control of their life. 
You can learn happiness, you can learn to see the good all of the time. You can learn how to become your own best friend. You can learn positive self talk, you can learn to be your own superhero! You can learn anything if you take time to invest in yourself. 
Writing my blog and starting a business from home have been 2 of my biggest changes. They have both brought immense pleasure to my life, and they have both helped me grow in postive ways, and I’ve been able to help others also. 
Want to learn how to focus on the good? 

I can help! Message me or leave a comment below⭐
Check out my blog at taytaysfreshfaces.com  

It’s a new week, add a new habit that will benefit you next month and remember you can do anything once you’ve made up your mind.

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