If you want to change, it’s going to bring chaos to your life. You are used to doing things out of fear or ego, but once you decide to learn consciousness you will see that ego and love can’t exist in the same space. 
The ego is negative and it’s judgmental and it’s harsh. It reminds me of the devil and what he would be whispering in your ear. Where as consciousness comes from a place of love, understanding, it’s where Jesus comes from⭐
Everyday we have a choice about what we’re going to fill our minds with, and what we spend our day doing. You cannot get better without trying and failing. You cannot change unless you spend the time every week working on yourself. 

Negativity breeds resentment and fears. Lack of healthy communication will leave you feeling lost and alone. Trying to break the cycle will leave you confused and afraid, but it’s ok at least your trying.  
Communication is the key to everything. If you don’t learn how to share your feelings, you will share your thoughts instead. However thoughts aren’t necessarily real, They are not always true. You don’t get to pick what your going to think next.  
But you do get to to decide what’s important to you. You get to decide what stays the same and what you need to let go. We make time for what’s important to us, I hope that you are important to yourself💜
Spend time learning about yourself⭐or you will spend your entire life on auto pilot and miss out on real love, and real life!
Have a great day friends ⭐

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