Tay Tays Top  Tips For Living Happy

Never worry about what other people are doing. Worry about yourself! Conscious people don’t have time for drama, they’ve learned to remove it from their lives.

Some of the best times of your life are still ahead of you.

Relationships are the most important thing in life. Spend time with people you love. #springbreak #dolphintour #familyfirst #friends

Spend time in places that fill your soul. The beach is my place, it’s my home and it’s my happy place. I will return from he full of love and positive and creative energy.

Never take your marriage for granted. Take time to love and honor each other daily. 

Give more then you take. But only give to those who deserve your time and energy. You decide who you spend your time with, and you are the author of your own story. You get what you give💜

Love your kids through their middle school years, even when they don’t want their pictures taken. They are here to teach you some of your biggest lessons, if your willing to learn. (And middle schools really hard all by itself, they just need you to love them)

Eat dinner at your favorite restaurants, you deserve it. You must learn balance! Work hard, play hard! #maguiresirishpub 

Try new things, or you will never grow. Don’t live your entire life playing it safe, push yourself beyond your own fears, and believe in yourself and your abilities to be awesome.

Surround yourself with people who have the same dreams you do. Be the person who decided to go for it. Refer back to number 1

Your life is the way it is because of your choices. If you don’t like where you are it’s time to learn a new dance!

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