Learn the power of Now

Today I’m going to inspire you to live in the now. The power of now is probably one of my all time favorite books because, It’s taught so many things about myself and my experiences. I’ve learned about all of these different parts of my brain and my body.  
I want you guys to know that I didn’t just wake up one day with all of this knowledge. I’ve worked really hard on my personal development, and I decided it was time to reclaim my authenticity, and deal with all of thing my life has dealt me. 
People often say to me they wish they could think like me, and you can. But you have to find the tools necessary to make yourself better. You have to be open and willing to change. You have to invite it into your life, and you have to commit to yourself. If you have a mentor, or a friend who can help you, then use them. It’s kind of like a work out partner, but it’s your emotional partner. It’s someone who helps you see things differently and learn things a new way. We see things a certain a way, and in order to learn new ways we need help. 

Years ago I stopped watching a shit ton of TV. I replaced the tv time with reading. I love to read just for fun, and I also love to read, and learn new things. Not like history or English, but more like personal development books. Sometimes they are parenting books, sometimes they are marriage books, sometimes they are books about consciousness. I am now addicted to learning things about myself, and this blog helps me share it. I realize that by learning about myself, I can now help other learn too.
Writing has also been a very therapeutic change that I’ve added to my life. Have I always loved to write? My conscious brain says no, but yet here I am. I know I’ve always loved to talk, and I don’t mean your trivial no nonsense conversations. I mean some good old fashioned, let’s get deep into ourselves. Let’s figure out a little more about our minds, and our hearts. Let’s become the people we were always meant to be. Let’s learn how to change our stories and make them our own. Let’s learn how to heal ourselves, and learn to be in the now.  
The power of Now means trying to live with presence. It’s today this minute, this second. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and I will be over here cheering you on!

2 thoughts on “Learn the power of Now

  1. I definitely needed this.. I keep thinking about the past but yeah when you are consious enough about your thoughts,you can resist to think negative.. and make your today Happy.. ❀


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