How’s Your Time?

How do you spend your time?  
We all have the same amount of hours in a day, but are we intentional with our time? 
How many hours a week do you spend on yourself? 
How many hours a week do you spend doing something that makes you better? 
When I decided to manage my time, I began to see huge improvements in my heart. My soul began to open up again, because I was taking the time to celebrate me. We can often get lost in our roles as parents and spouses, and forget about the relationship with ourself. We can serve everyone else really easy, but then when it comes to us, we sort of freeze. We might have been taught our whole lives that we are here only to serve others. But this is not true, you must meet your own needs before you can meet the needs of others. 
Oh sure you can try to fulfil their needs, but chances are it’s not going to work for long. Resentment and other joy stealers will start to creep their way in. You will feel emotionally, and mentally drained if there’s no time for you. You might not even realize how much your soul needs you to fill it. You might be so used to putting your needs last, that you don’t even know what your needs are anymore.
Good news Friends, you can make new habits, and, you can even start today. You can learn to make time for yourself again. You can change, if you want too. 
I’ve started writing things down on the calendar, and planning time with friends. It seemed like for many years, I would talk about hanging out with people, but I would never actually do it. I would be too tired from work, or just want to be lazy. I had trained myself to be a homebody, which is perfectly fine sometimes, just not ALL the time.  
My life was running me, instead of me running my life. The older I get, the faster the time seems to go. I remember when I was a kid feeling like I was never going to grow up. High School dragged on and on, but now I can’t get time to slow down.  
Time hasn’t changed at all, but the way I think about time sure has. The biggest difference I’ve made in my life where time is concerned, is trying to practice presence. Presence is something anyone can learn, and once you experience it, I promise you’ll want more!

What if you took 1 hour a day to exercise?

What if you read for 30 minutes a day?

What if you meditated for 10 minutes a day?

What if you did something that scared you once a week?
Do you think you would be the same person at the end of that week? (No No, I say Nay Nay)
You have to get out of your own head, and force yourself, beyond yourself to change! You have to take back your time, before it runs out.
Your life must have a direction, and a purpose⭐

We all have the same amount of hours in our day………how are you spending yours?

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