Don’t Give Away Your Happy

Today I’m going to inspire you to change your mind. That’s right I said it, that’s what needs to change. We are creatures of habit and sometimes we teach ourselves the wrong habits. 
But, what if I told you that you can create new ones?
What if I told you that your fears, are really what’s keeping you stuck? 
Fear is a funny thing and it comes masked in so many different ways, sometimes it doesn’t say I’m afraid. Sometimes it could come in the form of perfectionism. Clearly that doesn’t say I’m afraid. It says, I can’t do this until I do that. It says when I have everything figured out, then I will take the first step. This could be starting a new exercise program, writing a blog, getting a new job, or starting a new hobby.
Your mind says, I will start writing when my blog site is perfect. So you keep working on your website, and you never really get around to writing. You keep finding reasons why your not ready yet. 
Your brain says, I want to try owning my own business from home, everyone else is doing it. But then when you get ready to do it, you talk yourself out of it. You start comparing yourself to others, and you start to doubt yourself. You begin to feed the voice that’s afraid, and you forget about the song in your soul. Your mind reasons you right out of that change, and you find yourself exactly where you started. 
Your mind is what’s keeping you stuck. It’s really that your afraid. You mask the fear with perfectionism, but it’s still a fear. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into yourself, because our brains are made to keep us safe. Sometimes you have to push beyond the fear and see what’s on the other side.  

I am no different then you. I have learned to create the life I’ve longed for, and I didn’t do it by playing it safe. I have learned how to look my fears in the eye. I have learned how to be my own cheerleader in life. I’ve learned that we all have the ability to change, if it’s what we really want.  
I’ve learned that no man or woman ever became great on their own. 
I’ve learned that we are not stuck with our brains, or the lives that we live. I’ve learned to recognize my fears, and to not let them control me anymore. I hope that after reading this, you have the strength to kick your own fears in the ass! I hope you can create healthy habits that will lead to the life you’ve always wanted!
I am living proof that you can change your mind⭐

You can change your thoughts⭐

You can change anything if your brave enough⭐

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