5 steps to reclaiming your spirit 

 Things I do differently /reclaiming your spirit 

  1. I got rid of my guilt. I’ve learned that it’s a wasted energy, and it serves zero purpose in my life.  Feeling guilty is a form of self sabotage, and it’s purpose is to make us feel bad.  Why in the hell would we WANT to feel bad? Why would we willingly beat ourselves up? I’ll tell you why, it’s because you don’t know any better.  You didn’t realize that you could do something differently.  Your unconsciously, keeping yourself stuck there, but now it’s time to let it go. When you hear the voice of guilt, recognize it and then tell it to go away.
  2. I stopped comparing myself to other people.  When I was out of sorts, and not following my true path, I was always confused.  I tended to look outwards and compare my life to those around me.  It could have been their jobs, houses,  careers, marriages, money, cars, kids and so much more.  But when we do that, we are taking ourselves out of our own lives, and we are starting a cycle of unhappiness. We are literally wishing away what is perfectly ours, and longing for more.   It was only when I learned this lesson, that I was able to focus on myself.  I became more aware of what I needed and what I wanted, and I learned how to follow my own voice again.  Contentment is a gift I now cherish, and when I occasionally find myself comparing, I gently nudge myself in the other direction.
  3. I got out of my comfort zone, and this  was huge for personal growth and development.  Comfort zones are not supposed to be where you live for the rest of your life.  It’s like we are finally where we feel some peace, so we don’t want to cause any trouble.  We don’t want to ruin a good thing, we don’t want to rock the boat. We become complacent, and that means you can’t grow at all.  We are either growing, or we are dying, and I for one choose growth.  The best part of getting out of my comfort zone, is that I am inspiring other people to do the same. I found another gift that I have to share people, and I’m doing just that.
  4. I learned how to quiet my mind.  Our minds are always working, they have a job to do. But we also have a job to do.  We need to learn what our authentic selves want. We have to learn how to find our inner spirits again.  As children we were probably the most conscious we have ever been.  As adults, we are all walking around with a shit ton of hurt, trying to figure it all out. Some of us will keep the hurt trapped inside of our bodies our entire lives.  And some of us, will find the strength to heal it and to let it go.  I’ve learned the benefits of yoga, exercise and meditation! I realize these things are essential in my life if I want to stay connected to my inner self.
  5. I learned how to put up boundaries. I learned that they were always for me, and never for the other person.  I learned that somewhere along the way, I had lost my inner voice. I think most people have experienced this in their lifetime. Once your married, and you have kids and a career, it’s easy to forget about you. We are so busy taking care of everything else, that we forget about ourselves.  But, when I forgot about myself, I started to fall apart. I started to become sad, and withdrawn.   It was only when I reclaimed some me time, that things started to change.  It was when I said no to people or things that didn’t honor me, that I felt a sense of presence.  It was then that I started to reclaim my essence, my spirit, my wild child.  

If you want to change your life, you need to get real with yourself, the answer is always you.

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