Look in the mirror, always, that’s where the answer lies

“Self doubt can easily become the cause of every missed step in life.  Self doubt steals dreams, denies hope, and assassinates faith.” Iyanla Vanzant

This quote is so profound and true.  I’ve found myself there at different times in my life.  I still go there sometimes, I’ve just learned how to get out quicker.  Self doubt is a joy stealer, and it’s a defense mechanism.  It’s a very bad habit that we have created to keep ourselves safe. 

Self doubt goes hand in hand with our egos, and our pain bodies.  They are all directly connected.  The voices you hear, that tell you your not good enough, aren’t true.  The voices that tell you that your body is ugly, are not true.  The voices that tell you that your a lazy person, are lieing to you. The voices, are actually a form of self sabatoge.  Everyone is different, yet the same.  We all have a different story, and we all have different hurts, but we all want to feel love and acceptance.

You must deal with the pain in your life, or the pain in your life will deal with you.

You can learn to quiet the mind. 

You can learn that you are not your thoughts.

You can learn how to decide what your heart wants, instead of your stubborn old head.

You can become whole again, if your willing to break apart the pieces first.  

You don’t have to be the way you are, unless your making the choice to stay there. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to self doubt, and hello to your new story?

Let’s Go!

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