Practice The Pause

Today I’m going to inspire you to practice the pause. 
If you don’t know what the pause is let me help you understand. It’s the moment when someone says something really shitty to you, and instead of retaliating with hurtful words, you take time to pause. You think about how they just made you feel. You stop and absorb it, but you don’t respond to it. (I’m not saying that you never respond, there are times when you need to put somebody in their place.) 
This is something new, that I’ve learned how to do. I get better at it each time I try, and when I don’t practice the pause, I don’t beat myself up about it. I say “girl next time, you will handle that better!”  
If I can learn this anyone can learn this. I am a very loving person, however I also have my sassy side. I say what I want, and you will never have to guess how I’m feeling. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I’m pretty easy to read. It’s hard for me to practice the pause sometimes, and other times it comes really natural.
If someone says something rude to you, about your family, your kids, spouse, house, your body type, your personality, or even your tattoos, practice the pause.
I understand the need to want to scratch their eyes out, however when you return to your normal self, you will realize that’s not the best option. (Ha Ha) So often we give our power away, by caring what others think. Their comments are more about themselves and their inadequacies then they are about us.
People don’t even realize the shit they say sometimes, they are seriously living their life on auto pilot. They don’t even realize that they have hurt or offended you, and you have the power to not let them hurt you. The better you get at practicing the pause, the more natural it will become.  
If we waste time being angry with people who don’t matter, then we are using our energy in the wrong way. We are stopping the positive flow of good things and feelings, because we are mad at the people who hurt us. When we learn to practice the pause, we learn to love ourselves more. Every time we don’t give our power away, we become a little stronger.  
It’s hard at first, but after a while you will feel a calmness inside. You will understand exactly what I’m talking about, the first time you do it. Habits are created daily, why not add this one to your heart. It’s something that will make you a better person, and it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the other person.  
When you find yourself caring what they think, just stop. Who cares what their opinion is!! 

Who cares what they think!! 

Who cares if they are trying to put you down, because your better then that! 

You are stronger, and wiser, and bolder then that. You are perfectly imperfect and you don’t give your power away. 
Does this mean that I never feel hurt? Hells no it doesn’t. My ego has a job just like yours does, and it wants to be justified. I have to practice the pause on a daily basis. I have to stop and remind myself it’s not about me. I read a Facebook post and think “wow, why don’t you be a little ruder”? And then I stop and pause, and I say you know what Tavia, your giving your power away, and then I stop. 
I needed to practice this more, so I started my own skin care business a year ago working from home. I won’t get into my why right now, but it basically had a lot to do with me growing as a person. I needed to challenge my spirit, and my soul. I needed to become more conscious in this life, so I decided to do something out of my comfort Zone. (Disclaimer I love their products, and their easy one step night cream)
I have been very successful, but it’s been a roller coaster. When people tell me no , I have to pause, I have to realize they are not saying no to me. They are not rejecting me! 
This is hard, but this is where I grow as a person. This is where I get stronger. Of course at first I want to play the victim, especially when I see them buy another line of skincare, and they flat out told me no.  
But you want to know the truth? When I pause and I reflect on my true feelings, I don’t really care what they do. My ego, cares, but my heart doesn’t. I realize what they do, has nothing to do with me. 
I always pick the path less traveled, and this is no exception. I share myself with you, so can understand that I am exactly like you! I’ve just added some positive habits to my life, and I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone ⭐
I choose to move beyond the ordinary, I don’t compare myself to anyone, and in a moment of weakness when I might find myself doing that, I get right out of it. I stop it, and I move on. 
You want to surround yourself with people who love you and who are on your team. You want to learn to practice the pause, and see if this serves you. You want to create the life you’ve always wanted and it all begins by looking within. 
Don’t give your power away⭐

Don’t compare yourself to others⭐

Don’t let your ego make your decisions for you⭐
Go be awesome and conscious and have a great day⭐

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