“You aren’t raising a mini-me”

Today I’m going to inspire you to be a better parent. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, please feel free to STOP reading! I’m not here to try to convince those who are not ready. I am here to help those who already know they need help. I’m here to inspire those who want to create healthy, loving, authentic relationships with their kids. I am here to inspire parents to heal themselves and in doing so create amazing kids. 
My husband and I are reading the awakened family, and I’ve been awakened ⭐!
If you think your job is to control your kids, I beg you to ask yourself why. Is it because they are yours? Is it because you brought them into this world? Is it because they owe you? Is it because that’s what your idea of parenting is? 
Is it simply because you don’t know another way? Have you been drinking the parenting Kool-Aid for so long, you don’t even remember where these ideas came from? They just pop into your head and you go with them. 
It’s time that we become aware of what we are doing to our children. It’s time for more families to start parenting consciously. I understand your dilemma with thinking differently when it comes to our children. I after all, am still learning daily. But I do know a couple things that are true, the dynamic in our household has already changed. When we communicate with our daughter from a place of presence, versus a place of fear, we are showing her how to be authentic. When we take our own broken egos out of the picture, our kids are able to become their authentic selves, not our idea of who they should be.  
As parents we must ask ourselves these questions. Do you know why you wanted to have kids in the first place? Was it because you wanted someone to love, or take care of? Don’t we all want that? I did!!!! I wanted a little girl who I could dress up pretty and do her hair. I wanted to get our hair done together and, I wanted a best friend in my daughter. I wanted so many things, but as you can see those things all start with I. I was so wrong about all of those things, and I am brave enough to admit it.  

I am learning to take the I out of my parenting. I am learning to set my ego on the shelf and to be open to the lesson my daughter is here to teach me. 
I will help share the awakening, will you?
Please share if you know any parents who would benefit from this article⭐

And feel free to message me with any questions

As an adult how do you feel about your parents?  Your grown now, and you moved out of your parents house didn’t you? You are your own person, just as your child is their own person ⭐ if you want to squash the spirit out of your child, then your on the wrong path. You need to be feeding their spirit with love, and guiding it where ever it wants to go!

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