You can’t change on your own⭐

Today I’m going to inspire you to change your mindset. It’s not a job for the weak, you must really desire the change deep inside your heart. Your soul knows what it wants, and it knows what it needs, but your mind keeps you stuck in a cycle of fear. You have the ability to break free from the fear, but you must seek out the right people to help you.
You must first find a mentor, who can teach you to focus on the present moment. Not the future, not the past, but the right now. They will teach you about your ego, and your mind and they will help you understand yourself better. Yes the past plays a role in our future, but it doesn’t have to control us.
We as humans tend to get stuck, and that’s ok! If you want to become unstuck you can do just that. But you have to be brave enough to take the first step. You have to be willing to look inside for the answers, and not point the finger at everyone else in your life.  
You are an adult now, it’s time to start communicating like one. There are millions of people walking around with hurt children locked inside of them. The goal is to heal that child. We are not kids anymore, we don’t need to respond to conflict like our 12 year old selves would. We are adults now, we have choices, and its time to start making some better ones. No more victim mentality, it’s time we become the hero’s of our stories. 
I decided a few years back to work on myself. I realized that this was the one and only person that I can control. I decided I wanted a change, and I wanted to heal myself. I didn’t know that I was actually keeping myself stuck in this rut. It wasn’t until I invested in myself that things started to change, and my mindset became more powerful.  
I seek knowledge everyday to make myself better. I started taking chances on myself, and not letting the fear of failure get in my way. If I’m not failing at something, then I’m simply not living. If I’m not failing, then I’m not trying anything new. If don’t fail, how can I ever succeed?
Once you really make a commitment to yourself, and you seek the outside support necessary, amazing things will begin to happen to you. You will learn how you self sabotage your own efforts to change and you will see what’s really been holding you back. Get past yourself and then get in touch with me.
Be brave, be bold, be your own boss⭐

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