Valentines is NOT a Hallmark Holiday 💜

Happy Valentines Day💜

I’m thankful that most of my feed is full of love, with the few exceptions of some haters.  Saying, this is a Hallmark holiday, but I’m going to disagree with you on this one. 

I love seeing this picture that came up on my time hop. It’s my daughter a few years ago, and I had almost forgotten all about the heart door! Everyday we added a heart with a reason we love her. At the end of the month, she was able to see all of the beauty that we see in her.  

This picture of my granddaughter a year ago, popped up today too.💜 She has grown so much in a year, oh my goodness. These little reminders of past valentines makes my heart full! 

Here’s our own little Cupid that showed up to jazzercise many years back. She is so much fun! ❤️ This is yet another memory, I had all but forgotten.  I didn’t spend a penny on these pictures, yet they made my heart overflow with love.  They made me smile and they made me feel good! 

Have you watched the tv show “This is Us?” 

If you haven’t, get on it.  It’s an amazing show about family and marriage, and it’s the perfect amount of funny and real.  My husband and I watch it together every week, and we look forward to it.  The last episode  was about their friends who were getting a divorce.  It was real, and it was raw and it was amazing.  It’s exactly what married people need to be reminded of.  It’s a simple glimpse into the real life of marriages.  It’s where many people will find themselves at one point in their lives.  

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of love. It’s about being appreciative of what you have. It’s about learning to be content, and thankful for all of the amazing things in your life.  It’s about celebrating love, and those that you love.  It’s something we need more of.  Life gets busy and we don’t take the time to be still, to be gracious, and to celebrate love.  

So here’s to love 💗 if you find that your to hurt to love, might I share with you my favorite lesson from the musical my daughter was in. One of her  friends played Rafiki, and I captured my favorite part 
Happy Valentines Day💙
Click here for the video

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