Life lessons learned inside the Theatre 

This is me, and my 12 year old daughter Peyton. She’s in 6th grade and she’s pretty amazing. She’s into theatre, and this weekend she’s going to be singing and dancing her little heart out in The Lion King Junior, The Musical.  I’m not sure if you know anything about putting on a play or a  musical, because I sure didn’t. I should have known that she would love something like this.  After all, when she was only 3 years old, she sat and watched the entire Phantom Of The Opera, and she was mesmerized. I was in shock that she sat there through the entire thing. She was barely 3 and her attention span wasn’t very long.   I totally believe  this was the beginning of her love for music and arts, even though we didn’t realize it until years later.

I was very familiar with sports because my son played sports, so I know what it’s like to be the taxi. I often joked that I was “Tavia’s Taxi”! Two a days were no joke, so I get it with the kids and sports thing. But I didn’t know a thing about acting, but it turns out this acting gig, is no joke. It’s just as intense, only it’s crammed into a smaller amount of time. They have been getting ready for this production since November. There are 45 kids in it, and I can’t even tell you the amount of people who are behind the scenes! It’s huge, and it takes a lot of people to pull something of this caliber off. 

They’re not only singing, but they are dancing too. They have spent so many  extra hours learning these dances, before  practice for the musical even begins. Can you imagine teaching kids, some of whom have never danced in their entire lives, whole routines? That’s a whole lot of work, but I bet it was also a lot of fun. The cool thing is, my ballet teacher from when I was a little girl,(and every other little girl who grew up in this town) is now teaching my daughter ballet. You might have better restaurants to eat at, but I have a better theatre group. 

Peyton loves to preform, and she has a beautiful voice. She actually got her voice from me, not her dad, just  ask anyone who knows us, they will agree.

   When I drop her off, she often jumps out of the car and smiles saying “ahhhhhh I’m at my second home”.  This is where she feels comfortable, this is where she grows.  This is her second home  and I love to see the joy it brings to her heart.  These kids learn so much about real life while they are there.  They make real friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. They learn how to take directions, they learn how to be critiqued, and they learn about perseverance. They learn how to push themselves to be better, and to try harder.  They learn about teamwork, and they learn about compromise.  They learn that just like life, you don’t always get the main part, and then they learn how to deal with it. 

These things build character and authenticity.  It’s something that they accomplish on their own, without the help of their parents.  It builds confidence and character, which create heathy adults.  I’m so thankful that Peyton has chosen this path for her life.  Her dad and I enjoy supporting her, and spending hours watching her perform.  We are lucky to be her parents, and we can’t wait to see her shine this weekend.  

Something else really cool happened for this particular show.  They made history, by selling the most pre sale tickets of any show ever put on at the Holland Theatre.  She was so excited to tell me about it when she got in the car.  The first show is tomorrow night at 7:30. We will actually arrive at the theatre at 4:30 for hair and makeup. And so will begin a weekend of drama! The good kind, the practiced kind.  

It really does take an army to do something like this! We are so lucky to live in a community that supports the theatre.  I grew up there watching movies, and eating junk food. Now, as an adult I get to watch my daughter on stage and drink wine! Life is good! 

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