Self talk is self hypnosis…..and that’s no good 

How does one get out of their own head!? I’ve been practicing consciousness daily, but then something happens in my personal life and the shit hits the fan.  Everything I’ve learned just gets tossed out the window, and I’m in my emotional brain, and I’m in my hurt body.  By this point,  I know it’s not rational, or logical, because I become stuck there.  I know that I’m trapped, I see my own hurt, and my ego wants to defend itself.  I do really good, and then all of a sudden, the pain must become overbearing,  and I go into full out defense mode.  

Or, is it that there are parts of us that we want to heal, but our minds won’t let us.  Do they keep us trapped, with the negative thinking? Do we get so close to changing, but then suddenly,  fear takes over and causes us to self destruct, and to self sabatoge.  Are there things inside of us that still cause immense pain? Sometimes healing the hurt, is just straight up ugly.  Sometimes, we can’t heal the pain, so we continue to do the same things, the same way, over, and over, and over again, expecting a different result. 


A few things I know that are true.  The fact that I’m willing to investigate myself, is part of the solution.  I know better, and so there comes a time, when I must do better.  Actions always speak louder then words, however words do have a way of getting lodged in our brains.  Sometimes people can’t change, and we have to accept that. Happiness is an inside job, and nobody knows you like you know yourself.  It takes 2 people to have a conflict, and it’s normally a battle of egos, not of of our souls.  Relationships and friendships, should fill you up and make you better, not tear you down and make you bitter. Resentment is a recipe for disaster, wether it’s at work, or in your home.  We must be brave if we want to change, we must push beyond the fears of the unknown. 

Our hearts know exactly what we need💙 our Brains do not have a clue⭐

If you really want to awaken, then you must awaken to the self talk in your head.

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