Be What the world Needs

Good afternoon friends! There’s so much negativity in the world right now, and all over the web, that I’m going to make you laugh! I’m going to brighten your day. I’m going to be more of what the world needs.  

I’m not going to sit here and talk about all that’s wrong, because that just adds fuel to the fire.  Instead, I’m going to try to inspire you to share some love instead of judgement.  

I think you should totally filter what goes in your brain.  Sometimes when we see a negative post online, we might want to click on it and see what it says.  If there’s a bunch of comments, we are even more likely to read it, and see what everyone has to say about it.  When we’re done reading it, we are left with a feeling, an emotion. 

Here’s where you get to decide if this article helped fill you up and make you feel good, or, if it left you feeling pissed off and angry.  The only options are positive or negative! Don’t try to twist it around one way or the other. Be honest, and sit with that feeling for a minute.  

If it made you feel good, congratulations your feeding your brain some pretty amazing stuff.  However, if it made you mad, you can clearly see why you shouldn’t have read it.  

Our thoughts have so much power and energy, that we need to be more careful with them.  We need to be more intentional with them.

We are essentially creatures of habit, and we have the ability to make or break new habits daily.  If you want to invite peace and prosperity into your life, then you must read peaceful things.  You must seek out the good. You must train your brain to find some positive. It takes just as much time to read an uplifting positive story that warms your heart, as it does to read a shitty one.  

Don’t like to read, that’s ok! Watch a video, listen to a podcast, listen to a book on audio, just make it positive.  Find something that makes you feel good, that you want to share with your friends.  Find some humor in your life, and take the time to laugh with people.

I am not a serious person at all, hardly ever. I love to laugh and have fun with my family and my friends.  My soul is sooooooo young and it always will be.  Life is not meant to be all uptight and serious.  We’re all made differently, but yet exactly the same.  I choose to live happy, and practice gratitude. I choose to inspire others to become a hero in their own life.  I choose to be the change the world needs!  I choose Better!

We are either getting better, or we’re getting bitter!

 Which B are you?

One thought on “Be What the world Needs

  1. You are what at least I need more of.
    As far as the web, FB, LinkedIn are concerned. I try to turn a negative into a positive if possible or at least give someone a chance to reflect. You are a breath of fresh air and I truly appreciate it.


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