When darkness creeps in…………

The last 2 weeks around here, have been full of darkness.  We had our first school shooting, I had a classmate pass away (I’m 42), and one of my best friends from High School, lost her only son to senseless violence.  It’s a lot of sadness all at once, and it triggers feelings of guilt, and of helplessness.  

What can you do when things are so bad?  How can you help those who are hurting? Is simply showing up enough to show that you care enough? Or should you be able to do more? I’ve been plagued with these questions over the last week.  Life, sure isn’t fair we already know that much, but when bad things happen to good people it leaves us at a loss.  Our brains can’t comprehend what’s going on.  If I’m being completely honest my heart doesn’t understand either.  My heart hurts for all of the pain that is left for the living.  So in times of need, I turn to God.  I turn to my faith, because it’s the only thing that gets us through.  

Our church has an amazing thing they do for people in need,  It’s called a prayer quilt.

This prayer quilt is very special in so many ways.  It hangs up front during our Sunday service, and there are little strings all over it. Anytime before, during, or after church we come to the front and we tie little knots in the strings.  Each knot symbolizes a prayer for that person.  There is always a name attached to the top, so we know who we are praying for.  After the service, the quilt is taken down and delivered to the person in need. 

The idea, is that these people are then covered in our prayers.  They can hang the quilt up, they can use it as a blanket, or they can just have it near when they are feeling weak.  I will never understand why a mother out lives her only child.  I will never understand why the world seems to be so broken, but I do understand love, and I understand faith.

These are the only things that get us through when we don’t feel like going on.  I can’t do a thing to take away the hurt, but I can pray. As the music played yesterday and our church family streamed forward to tie the knots, I was in tears.  Here I was witnessing the true meaning of Gods love.  Here I was feeling like I couldn’t do a thing to help, and yet I knew that this would help.  I was humbled and I was honored to see the love they poured into that quilt.  I was happy to be able to do something, that comes from the heart, and  I was glad to be able to hand her a quilt that will help her later. 

You see I think she will need it the most, in the months and years that follow.  I believe it will bring comfort when she needs it the most.  I believe she is one of the strongest ladies I’ve ever met, in my entire life.  Life is wonderful, and then it’s horrible all at the same time. I ask you wherever you are today, to say a silent prayer for my friend.  I also ask that you say one for the world in general, because it’s so full of ugly right now.

When you don’t have the answers and you can’t make sense of things, just give it to God. Get out of your mind or you will become trapped there.  Move into your soul, and try to quiet it. 

“Not until you’ve lost a child do you know how it feels to be sad every single day….even when you  experience joy.”

“You were unsure which pain is worse-the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will.”

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