How many emotions can your kids name?

I’m thinking this is the key to healthy children. The more I learn, the more convinced I am. I watched a video the other day by Brenee Brown, and they asked kids to name the emotions that they are most familiar with. Most kids could only name 3, can you guess which 3? Happy


Pissed Off
If that’s all they can name, the world is in trouble. 
Those are 3 emotions that’s for sure, but is that seriously the only 3 they are familiar with? We are failing our kids on an emotional level if they can only share 3 feelings. It’s quite possibly no fault of our own, maybe we are only familiar with 3 emotions? Maybe we as parents need to work on our emotional intelligence, in order to help ourselves and our kids. Maybe that’s one of the lessons our kids are here to teach us. Maybe when you know better you do better.
What makes unhappy adults? It’s the coping mechanisms we create as children. Our ego is created in our childhood. It’s something we create in order to survive our childhoods. We have to learn to cope when our parents and siblings are not respecting our feelings. But how can they respect our feelings when they know so little about their own feelings? They can’t, You don’t know what ya don’t know! And so continued the cycle of dysfunction. The passing down of unhealthy habits generation after generation because we don’t know any better.  
But then there comes a time, when we as parents begin to pay attention to what’s going on around us. We see that children are suffering around us every day. If they are suffering as kids, then chances are, the suffering will continue through their adulthood. What causes bullying, shootings, drug overdoses, anger, and self destruction? Why are our kids so emotionally distraught? Why is there so much depression, anxiety, and unbalanced chaos inside of them?
That’s going to take us back to the beginning of this article. How well can you understand yourself? Do you believe everything the voice in your head tells you? Do you feel as though you can’t figure yourself out? Do you have the ability to make friends with yourself? Has anyone ever taught you how to care for you?
I think we as parents, as adults, as people, have a job to do. I think it’s time to take a look inside of ourselves and see what we can do differently to help create emotionally well balanced children. I think it’s time for a new awakening into the scary and unknown. I think it’s time to educate ourselves, in order to help our children.  
It’s never to late to learn some new habits, but wouldn’t it be amazing if our kids already had them instilled in them. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we starting doing things differently and in doing so creating a whole new generation of emotionally stable adults?
Is it crazy to think I can help kids and parents? Are there people brave enough to join this new revolution? Do you see what I see? 
We must become familiar with ourselves, and what’s true, and what’s not true. We must learn about our feelings and what to do with them. We have a duty to our selves and to the future of our children, to do better. We have to be the change, we have to make a difference. Nothing will change if we change nothing.  
I’m on a mission to understand and educate, parents and kids. This will truly be a new awakening, I hope you are brave enough to join me⭐

Stay tuned I’m going to change some lives💜

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