You HAVE to love yourself………..

Learning to love yourself sounds a whole lot easier than it really is.  I know because I’ve been on a journey to make friends with myself again.  I understand that on the outside it might appear as though I loved myself, and I did, but not whole heartedly.  There was this underlying voice, that loved to beat me up.  I was so unaware of it, because I had done it for so long.  It’s the little voice inside my head that says, “that was really stupid”.  It tends to be very negative, towards myself, but loving towards others.  Why is this? Did I learn this as a child? Could I possibly unlearn this? Could I learn to love myself, and accept all of my flaws as beautiful scars?  I believe the answer is yes! 

You don’t know what ya don’t know!

When ya know better you do better!

You have to go through to come out of it!

I’ve learned how to develop some positive self talk.  Instead of berating myself, I now gently laugh at myself.  It’s a lot about learning how to work the positive muscles in my brain, versus the judgmental one.  We are creatures of habits, even when we want to change sometimes we sabatoge our own efforts. It’s maddening, and amazing all at the same time.  Just when I think I’ve got myself figured out, I’m totally wrong.  But you know what, that’s perfectly ok! I’m learning everyday, and as long as I’m trying then I’m never failing.  Failure is just another lesson, I would rather fail then not try at all.

I love where I am at in my life presently.  I’m learning everyday how to be in the now.  Not in the past, not in the future, but in the right now.  I work on myself so hard because, my family deserves the best version of me, I mean hell I deserve the best version of me.   My true self, my essence.  Not my hurt little girl, or my angry bad ass, not the defensive scared parts of me, but the good parts.  When I decided to look within, my life began to change. When I made myself a priority, I began to feel more balanced, and centered. Yoga has been a great addition to my life and, it’s  amazing how much it’s helped  me connect with myself, and quiet my mind. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has high anxiety or tension in their life.  

If you want to be a better you, then you have to shut your brain off. You have to be brave and open your soul, while quieting the mind.  Your life is meant to be a precious gift, I hope that you see it as such! 

Make yourself a priority, and you will begin to blossom.

2 thoughts on “You HAVE to love yourself………..

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog’s. I am also loving where I am right now in my life. Praying to be the best I can for myself and my daughter.
    Thank you for sharing your stories! It’s truly inspiring.


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