Breaking Your Own Barriers 

Look what came up on my feed! It’s almost my one year anniversary with Nerium and that makes my soul smile. Who would have ever thunk it? I had to be the worst possible person in the world to reach out to. I ignored 5 messages from Krista Whitsett Meyer before I finally succumbed to trying her miracle in a bottle. Once I finally decided to try it I did what every other normal human being would have done, I googled that shit. First I wanted to see the price! I immediately was like hell no, I would never spend that kind of money on myself. There is no way I’m ever buying this. Then I went to on to read some reviews and did a little homework on the company. The truth was, I thought it was a bunch of BS. I had my blinders on, I was on a one way road to no and you weren’t changing my mind. So I get the stuff, and she’s like you need to use it for at least 5 nights in a row, and take a few pictures. She told me I just slept in it and rinsed it off in the morning. (My brain said, this isn’t gonna work)
Let me tell you that I am a pretty simple girl. I’m not fancy, and I don’t spend a lot of time on my appearance. I might throw on some lip gloss and mascara when I want to dress it up a little bit, but I don’t do that whole makeup routine thingy. If I look super cute every day, then when I want to dress up and go out, I’m going to look exactly the same as I do every day! (I digress) So now, when I actually do get dressed up and curl my hair, people don’t recognize me 😜.  

So it’s the first night and I tell my husband I have to go put my miracle wrinkle cream on, and I proceed to make fun of it for the first 3 nights. Making jokes about how I’m going to be ten years younger in the morning. We laughed about it, but 2 things did happen the next night. The first was, my skin was getting firmer, I could feel it tightening every time I used it. So that much was true. The second thing that happened was the age spot on my cheek was starting to diminish. What the hell, it was really working? Not to mention the fact that my skin felt smooth and hydrated for the first time in forever.  
By the time I was done with my trial, I did not want to give my bottle back. I loved the smell, I loved what it did to my skin, I wanted more of it in my life, and I immediately knew I was going to become her customer. But then I remembered she had mentioned something about a business side to this company. Maybe, I should learn more about that, and so I did. She came over, and we sat down and we talked for a little while. I asked a lot of questions and then we went from there.  
My main question was , what’s the littlest amount that I have to do to get this product for free? Ha ha that makes me LOL! Because I was still not willing to get out of my own head. I did everything possible to ensure I wasn’t putting myself all the way out there. Remember, when I started this story I had already made up my mind that it costs too much money. Now here I was, my face was falling in love nerium and my mind was still like no, no, no! 
Oh my goodness if I would have listened to my mind, I wouldn’t be celebrating my first successful year. But you know what, I did it! I took a chance, on something that I was in love with. It was one of the very first steps last year that I took to honor myself. I threw some stinking thinking out the window. I am in my 40’s now, I deserve to treat myself. I deserve to spend some money on me, and I didn’t feel one bit of guilt about it. I don’t splurge on myself very often. But I’ll be damned, if I wasn’t going to make that year, one where I was on my own list of priorities. We spent the same amount of money on our wi-fi every month, and we couldn’t even see that! My face is out there every day, and I deserved to look good and to feel good. Not to mention I don’t want look old, even though I’m getting old. I work in front of mirror everyday, I think I deserve to love the skin staring back at me.
So my friends you see, when you decide to work on your yourself, a healing begins to occur. You become more balanced, and more aligned with yourself. You begin to learn how to find the joy inside of you, and You become more peaceful, and grounded.   
I was brave enough to get out of my own head. I literally broke my own barriers. I love what I’ve accomplished with my team and with myself over the last year. I’m glad that I went for it. I am learning to be my own best friend again, and I’m loving my life. 

Was it always easy? Hells to to No! Is anything worth having ever easy? No! 

Did I still have an idea in my head about who would join me and who wouldn’t? Of course I did! I thought all of my friends would jump on board with me, clearly they could see what a great investment this was.  If I was could do it, so they could they! But guess what that’s not how that worked either. The story in our mind gets us in trouble, so don’t listen to it.  Rewrite your own story.  If you take away only one thing from this blog, take away this; “You have the ability to break your own barriers if you so choose!”

Love and peace friends 

💜Tay Tay 

Thank you for supporting me and my dreams ⭐

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