Fear Not

The Bible says “fear not” or “be not afraid”, 103 times in the King James Version. Why do you think this is? Do you think God wants you to be afraid? He most certainly does not want us to live in fear. Fear is a state of uncertainty, it causes havoc on our internal systems and it keeps us stuck and frozen.
Fear has no place in my life. Does this mean that I am never afraid? No it does not, but what it does mean is that when I am afraid, I acknowledge it and then I work through it. I don’t allow fear to control me anymore. I don’t succumb to it and let it rule my life. I’ve learned how to deal with it. I’ve learned what purpose it serves, and I’ve learned how to move beyond it. 
Sometimes are easier then others. Sometimes I’m still paralyzed and I have to remember to keep moving. I have to make myself move beyond the fear. My brain doesn’t want me to grow, it loves fear. My brain wants to keep score, my ego wants to be justified, and my heart has to step in and lead the way.
Fear is masked as many different things. It doesn’t always just say, hey I’m afraid. Fear keeps us stuck in places that we shouldn’t be. It makes us stay in jobs we hate, for fear of not finding another one. It makes us get divorces, because we are too afraid to break down our walls. Fear cripples our abilities to be good parents. It controls the way we see things, and what we do about them.  
If you let fear control you, then you are living your life wrong. You must find a way to move beyond the fear, you must find a way to beat it, or to make friends with it. The recent election has brought with it a host of fears. I’ve seen people say and do some crazy things over the last few weeks. I’ve also seen people hold on to that fear, like it’s a life boat that’s going to save them, but it’s not. It’s actually bringing out the ugly in many people. They are so attached to their beliefs, that fear is the only way they know to survive.
Your fear is not always imagined, sometimes you have a reason for legitimate fear. Maybe you were in a car accident, and now you have anxiety in the car, this is real. Maybe you were in a fire and now fires scare you, this is real. If God tells me not be afraid, then I’m going to trust him. I’m going to try my best to realize my fears before they take control of me. Practice makes perfect ya know! If you really want to change yourself, you have the power to do so.  
Ask yourself what purpose this fear serves you!

Ask yourself if it helps you or if it hinders you!

Ask yourself why it’s mentioned 103 times in the Bible!

Then ask yourself how your going to use this article to make yourself better!

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