When A tragedy occurs in your community……

Do you know how you watch the news and, you always thank God it’s didn’t happen in your town.  Do you know how you think your untouchable when it comes to the pain in this world?  Do you know what it’s like to feel helpless? Do you know what it’s like when it finally happens in your own back yard? 

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for my day, I came across some troubling news.  This is the good and the bad of social media, you see there was a school shooting yesterday.  Facebook made it easy for us to find out about the shooting, before the schools could notify anyone.  We live in a small town, and we have several schools within a few miles of each other. We play these schools in local sports, and we have friendly rivalries with each other.  Even though our kids attend different schools, they are all still a family.  When your moms are friends, by default the kids are friends! 

Some of my best friends have kids that attend West Liberty. I have clients that are like family to me, and their kids go to West Liberty.   As the story unfolded yesterday, it was much like a bad dream.  Almost a bit surreal, like it wasn’t really happening, Yet at the same time it was clearly happening.  Do you know how weird it is to be listening to a Columbus radio station that’s an hour away, and hear them mention a shooting that had just occurred in you back yard? 

I immediately called my friend and I tried to comfort her.  As a mother, and an empath, I could literally feel her pain.  I could sense her need of urgency to get down there and to get her babies, and at the same time there was nothing she could do.  When my friends said good bye to their kids yesterday, and they took off for school, it was just a normal Friday Morning.  But by the time 7:40 rolled around, it was anything but normal.

As the situation unfolded, there was one shooter, and one injured.  The rumors are running rampant.  There are a lot of stories floating around, and in a few more days we will have real answers, and more details.  But my heart hurts for so many people, and at the same time it felt relieved that things didn’t turn out differently.  

It took hours and hours to finally bus all of the children to their parents.  Can you imagine what they felt waiting to see their children? Can you imagine the pain in their hearts not being able to comfort them.  Can you imagine the joy they felt, when their kids finally did make it to them.  I’ve heard and read some amazing stories, from these kids and teachers. I’ve watched some videos that the kids took while they we running away, and I’ve heard of kids jumping out windows and running through cornfields.  

It’s tragic that this happened, but it’s amazing how it brought everyone so much closer.  It made us realize that tomorrow is never promised.  It made us learn that we should hug our kids a little longer.  It makes us realize we need to pay closer attention to them and what they are going through.  It made us wake up! It forced us into the presence, and consciousness.

I pray for the boy who was injured, and I pray for the boy who did the shooting.  I pray for both of their families.  I pray for for everyone. If we all feel an emotional attachment to this, then I can’t even fathom what those 2 families are going through.  Traumatic doesn’t even seem like it’s a strong enough word, but it’s the best I got.  

My friends are strong, amazing women.  I know that they will tackle  this head on, and they will make sure that their kids have whatever it is that they need.  Everyone will deal with it differently and that’s ok! There is no right or wrong.  There just is! 

When we went to bed last night, we were different people then were that morning. We were in a state of gratitude, and we were counting our lucky stars.  Today we will celebrate the gift of life and the power of love. We will continue to stick together as a community and as a family as the rest of this story unfolds.  

Yesterday a lot of people were playing the victim to the president, and  there was a lot of negativity and hate floating around FB .  I think you should all thank your lucky stars that’s all you had to worry about yesterday.  While you were busy wallowing in self pity, my friends were thanking God that their kids were alive.  

Perspective: you always have something to be thankful for! 

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