Breaking up with autopilot

Sometimes in life someone says something to us, and it’s just what we needed to hear that day. There have been many times when I think back on something someone said, and I admire them and I respect them. Whatever it is that they said, it just made me feel good on the inside. It made my soul smile. I like to think of these people as Gods angels! They take on a human form to help us sometimes.  
I started Tay Tay Inspires because over the years I’ve been inspired by many different people. I was thinking how different my life would be if I hadn’t read a certain book, or if I didn’t change my daily routine. I believe I could have spent the next 12 years exactly the same as the last 12 years. With little personal growth and very little hunger for life.  
I like to describe it as autopilot. Sometimes we might go our whole life on autopilot, merely surviving, but never thriving. But what kind of life is that? It’s a safe life, but it’s not a challenging life. I often think back to some of my ah-ha moments and they make me smile. It’s amazing how much negativity we keep in our lives and don’t even realize that we are responsible for it.   
I hope by sharing my stories, someone has the courage to be strong. I hope they are able to learn from me and to change their life. I hope that I can be the one who helps the puzzle fit better. I hope I shine a light on the darkness when someone needs it. I hope I inspire people everywhere to start living, before it’s too late.
Change your thoughts, and you change your life! 
Your thoughts are so powerful ⭐

You attract what you put out 💜

If you give you shall receive ⭐
I hope you have an amazing weekend and that this fits right into your heart! ❤️

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