5 things that emotionally smart people do different⭐ 

In order to grow and become the people we are really supposed to be, one must go on an inward journey, inside themselves. I’ve been on a journey to become aligned and create balance in my life and here’s what I’ve learned so far. 

  1. Emotionally strong people don’t ever compare themselves to other people.  They know that this is a form of self destruction, and that their ego is trying to take over.  The sooner you realize that the ego is a part of you, and that it has a job to do, the sooner you can learn to let it be.  The ego wants to fight back, and it wants justice.  The ego is competitive, arrogant, and selfish. It keeps track of rights and wrongs, and it doesn’t have the ability to forgive.  
  2. Emotionally strong people don’t give their power away. They don’t allow other people’s opinions to validate their self worth.  They might feel hurt for a second by your words, but they quickly let them go. They don’t rehash them over and over again, because they don’t hold any attachment to the words.  They are after all just words.  
  3. Emotionally strong people have lifetime meaningful relationships and friendships.  They make time for people and for connections.  They know that friendships are one of the many blessings in this life, and they take the time to honor and validate them.  If you are lucky enough to have an emotionally strong friend in your life, they will be there forever.  Faithful to the end.  They value you and your inner light.
  4. Emotionally strong people are givers, they are helpers, they are healers.  They have a gift to share and they do it very well.  They are always ready to listen and to help or to lend a hand.  They don’t expect anything in return, other than your love.  They know that by being so emotional, that they can teach others how to get into touch with their feelings.  They help people learn about their own emotions, and they teach them how to express them in a healthy manner.  
  5. Emotionally strong people are afraid, however they have the ability to push their fears aside. They’ve trained themselves to break the barrier.  They realize what life is like on the other side of fear, and they push through it.  They fall into the category of risk takers.  They love a good challenge, and they help others kick fear in the ass.

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