How you’ve made waiting a habit ✅

Did you know that waiting is a bad habit? It’s true my friends, even if you can’t fathom it right now. It’s another defense mechanism our brain has, to keep us safe. If you always think about wanting more, but yet your to afraid to do anything, then your habit is waiting. You literally have to push yourself off the cliff and just do it, or you will be waiting forever and ever. 
You can reason With yourself forever and literally get no where! ⭐

Examples of the waiting game 
✅I will work out when I have more time.

💭actually you will work out when you make it a priority.
✅I will save money when I have more money 

💭actually, you will save money when you decide it’s important.
✅I will start a side business when I have all the answers.

💭no, you will never have all of the answers so you will never start the side gig.
✅I will work on my marriage, when It’s convenient.

💭it’s never a good time, so we wait for a better one, which yet again includes waiting.
✅I will schedule more me time, when I’m not busy taking care of everyone else.

💭but you won’t and if you do, you will feel guilty about it. (Insane in the membrane)
You see guys after a while, we forget where we are headed. We become lost in all of the other roles, and we forget what we want. We actually become a mom, and a spouse. Those are not our identifies or who we are. Those are a part of us, but they do not define us.  
Sometimes women are made to feel guilty if they even mention taking time for themselves. I’m here to tell you that guilt is a wasted energy. It does you no good, it consumes the soul and kills the spirit. There is no better way to burn and fizzle out, then to use guilt as a crutch in your own life. Guilt is another habit you’ve learned, and it’s one your going to want to unlearn. Guilt comes from the mind, not the heart, and you want your mission to be from the soul, not the brain.  
It’s a new year, what did you change about yourself last year? 
What’s something you did that made you better and it cannot include your family?💜 that would mean your were serving them, not yourself. Reach deep down inside and see if you can find the courage to quit waiting and to start living! 
💜life is passing you by💎

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