I was built from a fire 🔥 

Sometimes we have to go through hell, to learn how to live.  Sometimes life is wonderful and amazing, and other times it just smacks you right upside the head.  But yet again, we can’t have the good, without the bad.  We can’t have light, without darkness.  We can’t have silence, without some noise.  You see, one can’t  exist without the other.  It’s understanding the balance in life, and creating the peace that we desire.  

When I was a much younger girl, I didn’t know what to do with all of my feelings and emotions.  My life was far from perfect, but the older I get the more I see how perfect it actually was for me.  The older I get,(42) the more I fall in love with myself, and with my story.  But it’s only because I put myself through my own misery,that I am here writing to you.  I used to play the victim to myself.  I think everyone, has been the victim to someone during their life. The fact that you can even understand what the victim is, means you have the power to change it.  But then again, maybe not change it, just own it and realize that it’s there.  It’s a part of you, almost like acceptance. 

I’ve learned to NOT judge myself. However,  This is a constant battle, because our brains are wired for the opposite.  They want to justify, and seek revenge! They want to be right, but really that’s mostly your ego talking. Our ego needs a certain amount of drama, and negativity to survive.  Our ego can’t exist when we are present, and conscious.  There is no room for ego and love in the same space.  Love wins every time, it will always prevail.  It’s wiser, and stronger than the ego.  Love says things that the ego cannot conceive.  Once we realize that we have all of these parts, and we accept them, things will begin to change.

The energy that you receive, and put out will be different.  If it comes from the soul, it’s of the purest form, but if it comes from the mind, it’s going to get ugly.  The more you learn about the different parts of yourself, the more whole you will become.  When you choose to change your story, from the victim to the superhero, amazing things will begin to happen to you.  There will be an awakening of all the good things inside of you, and gratitude will become a habit.  

Does this mean everyday is all rainbows and lollipops? Hells to the no! Your brain is going to do what it’s going to do, your human and so is your mind.  Your going to be unconscious a lot of your life, like at work, or hanging out with friends.  But the goal here is to create some space for yourself, to recognize when you need some presence.  The more you practice it, the better it becomes,and the more enlightened you become.  I find myself playing games with my mind all of the time now.  I can’t control my mind, and neither can you, but you can feed it! You can decide what goes in it, and how much it needs. I do a lot of reading in a week, and it’s rarely anything negative. I’m huge on personal development, and it’s changed my life. I’ve made this a daily habit, a positive choice for my mind and my life.  I now share my light with you, and I encourage you to ask yourself “What drives you most of the time, is it your ego, or is it your soul?”

Without the fires in my life, I wouldn’t be Tay Tay 🔥 

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