Focus on developing people…….

My whole entire life Has led up to this. Even if I didn’t know it at the time⭐ (which we never do) I’ve said all along that the most important thing in my life has always been my relationships. It’s never been money, or cars, or houses or jobs. It’s always been the people I love. (Disclaimer, my love language is gifts, and that should not be confused with my reasons for living; for more on love languages check out the blog I wrote on it at
It turns out that I was right to feel that way. When they ask the older generation what they wish they had more of, the answer is always the same, time with their loved ones. We watched trolls today and it was so perfect for this time in my life. I’m trying to help people help themselves. I’m creating new opportunities and showing people how to make healthy habits. The problems lie in our brains, not in our hearts.  
The bad trolls believed the only way you could be happy was to eat a troll, and the funniest part is that they all believed that. I think we as humans are sometime conditioned to believe certain things about ourselves and our lives. We believe that we’re not smart enough, so we stay in the same job. We believe that we are not strong enough, so we don’t work out. We believe that we’re to fat, so we don’t wear the bikini. We believe that we’re supposed to work 40 years and than retire, so we do that. We believe you are not supposed to cuss, so we watch our language.  
I have a news flash for you⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you’re brain will lie to you. If this is the only thing I ever teach you, I will take it. This is so very important because in order for us to develop positive habits, we have to realize that our brain is part of the problem, and also part of the solution! Confusing I know, but trust me the longer you study yourself the more amazed you will be.  

Happiness is indeed an inside job. But first we must get rid of all of the negative emotions, that are false. That are left inside of us, from being hurt and being broken. We must learn to heal ourselves and to forgive ourselves. We must learn to become our own BFF, because when you learn to love yourself, the whole world changes. 
✅That half empty glass, becomes more than full. 

✅Instead of feeling mad when someone betrays you, or talks bad about you, you actually feel sorry for them.

✅you learn to let go of the things and the people who bring you down, and you surround yourself with people who are down for you.

✅you realize that everyday you have a choice to make, and it takes the exact same amount of time to be miserable as it does happy.
Where do you feel that you are the most conditioned?

What can you do change it?⭐





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