Are you so conditioned that you don’t even know it????

Today I’m going to inspire you to be different! I’ve always been different, now that I look back. I’ve always wondered why people think the way they do and the more I learn, the more amazed I am. We as a society are so conditioned that Its absolutely absurd to me. Why do you want to fit in?
People are constantly seeking the approvals of others, and worried about what they think. I’ve never cared what strangers think and I never will. I do care what my close friends and family think, because I love them and they matter. But I don’t care what Joe Shmo thinks about me. I don’t understand why you give away your power, to people who do absolutely nothing for you.  
The more you learn to fulfill your own needs, the more aligned you will become with yourself. The more you try to make someone else happy, the less happier you will become.  

I never realized until recently that this was a gift that I have. I have fine tuned it a bit, so I’m not as harsh as I once was, but I’ve always had the I don’t care what you think gene.
It makes life much easier when you live for yourself, and not for others. This doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of your relationships, and family life. That’s a given, #familyfirst. But what it does mean, is that you teach your kids what’s important and what’s not. It means showing them how brave you are, it means showing them how to take risks, and how to change your life. It means shattering glass ceilings, not fitting into glass slippers.  
I decided to be the change. I decided to inspire all of you to do something differently. I challenge you to become unconditioned. I challenge you to not care what others think. I challenge you to be the change!

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