Why the first answer is NOT the real answer 

Fear is a real thing, that can keep you paralyzed your entire life. It becomes so deeply rooted in our minds, that we don’t even recognize it as fear anymore. It’s a defense mechanism that keeps us safe. Imagine your friend saying hey, you should consider joining my business. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I bet you a million dollars you had at least 5 reasons why you wouldn’t be good at it. Here’s another scenario, your friend asks you to try her jazzercise class. Once again a million excuses. Did you stop and think about it, or was it an automated response? 
I know how my brain works, and I know how it has worked in the past. I know that it has a job to do, and that’s ok, because I also have a job to do. I get to figure out how to do what my heart wants, not what my mind tells me. I learned how to override my own brain by learning about it, and now I’m sharing it with you! 
It’s an amazing and fascinating thing our brains, but it’s also complicated and chaotic. But, such is life my friends, it’s both ugly and beautiful at the same time, for without one you can’t have the other. 
What if you became aware of your automated response? What if you didn’t judge yourself the next time you do it, but instead you just observed how often it happens? This would be the first step, to a new awakening in your life. This would be the beginning, of a journey into the unknown. This would give you back some of your power, just be realizing that you’ve been on autopilot for a really long time.  
I am on a mission to help people change their lives. I am living proof of how drastically someone can change their thinking. I can tell you that I’ve always been a girl who does her own thing, Who doesn’t conform to the norm. I feel stifled and suffocated when I’m not able to be myself. This is no exaggerated, this is the closest I can come to describing the feeling.
When I was younger I used to think this was some rebellious act that I was going through. I was a firecracker all right, and I think everyone around me knew it. My family and friends nick named me “the boss”(I have no idea why😜) But you know what, they were right! I am the boss. I’m not afraid to speak up, or tell the truth.  
I need to have the freedom to be myself in a world where everyone wants to tell you how to act. Tell you how to feel, tell you what’s right, tell you what’s wrong. Tell you when your to old, tell you when your to young, tell you when your to loud, tell you every damn thing they want to tell you. No, no, no! If I’m staying true to me, then I have to be me. I have to let my crazy shine and I have to be proud of it! That’s a good crazy not a bad cray cray. The more I learn to become still on the inside, the better the things get on the outside. The more I stay true to my soul, the better I get at life and love! 
If you needed a boost of inspiration today I hoped this helped! Don’t ever waste your time worrying about what others think! Instead look inward my friends for all of the answers💜 work on your automated responses, and get to living⭐

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