The mind does not have the ability to forgive……

Today I’m going to inspire you to understand yourself a little better. If you read the picture below you will either immediately agree, or disagree with what it says. It’s the way your mind works it’s ok! But when you begin to slow down and really think about what it says, and look deeper into it, then you will see that it’s very true.  
Just think about a time that you’ve been mad at somebody. Maybe it’s your spouse, or your parents, maybe it’s your kid, maybe it’s a friend, whoever it is, your mad at them. You are stewing in your emotional brain and you are justifying all of the reasons that you have to be mad. There’s no reasoning with you right now, because your mad and you think you have every reason to be.  
I’ve been there, I know exactly what it’s like. When we are in our emotional brains, we are literally, flipping our lids. That means there’s no filter, there’s no reasonable response. We are seeing red, and most people would be wise to get out of the way. But then later on, something else happens. When we get our brain back, and it’s not in total freak out mode, we decide to forgive. But it’s not our brain that decides to do it, it’s our hearts 💕 and it’s our souls.  
The Brain has so many jobs, and unfortunately, forgiveness doesn’t fall into any of those categories. The Brain calls for defense, logic, reasoning, justification, guilt, fear, fairness, judgment, and so much more. If a relationship is severed , you can guarantee that the Brain was the main reason for this. The sooner we understand the functions of our brains, the sooner we will learn to be free. I’m not saying that every relationship ends this way. Sometimes people hurt you and you need to step away from them! That’s ok, that’s when you put up boundaries, and protect yourself. That’s smart and needed for healthy relationships. Don’t let anyone disrespect you, or take you for granted. 
But what I am saying, is that forgiveness comes from within. When the anger melts away, it’s your heart that thaws it. It’s your heart that makes it better. There’s a mindshift, from the head to the heart. You feel it on the inside, it’s like a positive energy that stars to flow through your body. It’s spills into all of you, and it fills your entire being. This is the feeling of being free, and letting go. This is saying goodbye to the ego and hello to presence. This is where great things happen. 
This is why we have friendships that last for decades! It’s because we don’t judge our friends, we literally love them with all our hearts. We accept them and all of their amazing flaws. We love everything about them, and none of those feelings come from our brains! They come from our hearts, they come from our souls. I reclaim my presence daily, I work on my intentions weekly, and the more I learn the more I share. The brighter my light shines, and attracts those who want to learn to love themselves⭐

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