How I got My authentic back in 2016

My first blog of 2017 and I couldn’t wait to write it! Last year was the best year ever! I took so many risks, and chances on myself, I can hardly believe it, and I’m the one living it.  It’s amazing to me how one thing leads to another, and it’s like a chain reaction.  I couldn’t even dream up the year I’ve had if I tried to.  It was a roller coaster, but an amazing one.  There were ups and downs, and bumps and bruises, but in the end it was all positive! It was all personal development and it was all positive growth.  I’ve learned how to check my ego at the door, and I am tested daily, to see what I’ve learned.  I’ve made amazing connections with authentic real people, and I’ve also met some not so authentic people along the way.  But that’s ok because everyone is here to teach us a lesson! I learned how not to give my power away this year! I learned not to be the victim, and I learned not to be the judge.  I learned that if people treat us badly, it has nothing at all to do with us, and everything in the world to do with them.  I Learned not to waste time and energy on those who don’t deserve it. I learned that boundaries are for myself, and I’ve learned how to use them! I am thankful for so many things, but I’m the most thankful that I decided to want more. I’m thankful that I’ve created a new future for myself and for my family.  I’m thankful for new beginnings that I’ve created all on my own, and I am thankful for those people who touched my life in a positive way this year! I’m even thankful for those of you who were negative to me, because you challenged my presence and that’s my favorite gift of the year.  So without further ado I am here to share with you my happy from 2016!  

I was thinking about starting to do some life coaching, but then I changed my mind. I decided to coach my team instead.  I’ve decided to invest my time, presence, and knowledge into something bigger then myself.  

Want to change your story? I can help! 

Tavia Hayduk

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