3 more sleeps until Santa comes

T minus 3 sleeps and counting, until Santa comes. My family is sleeping and I’m out here enjoying some quiet time. I work in a beauty salon and its crazy in there right now. The energy level is off the charts and everyone wants to look good for Santa! I love Christmas, and everything that goes along with it. I think it’s the most amazing thing that the world practically stops for the day, to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
We sure don’t stop for our birthdays! 
Yesterday in between clients I did some last minute shopping. I finally got the rest of the stuff for the stockings, and I put the finishing touches on my list. Now somehow today I will need to get these presents inside and wrapped without my child seeing. She’s 12, so she no longer believes in Santa, but she still wants to be surprised.  
We will be leaving town to visit the in laws on Friday, and we will return Saturday evening. We have a 16 month old grand daughter who is going to make this Christmas extra special. You see even though my kids are getting older, I’m still thankful for them and where they are right now. I loved them when they were little, and I love the older versions of them too. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even believe that my husband and I have spent nearly 18 Christmas’s together. But it’s true, and that makes me lucky in love.
They say time is a bit of an illusion, and I would have to agree. If we practice being present and in the now, than time doesn’t even matter. The present moment is all we really have. Don’t let this Christmas be a stressful time for you. Change the way you view it, and don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. I think of these times as a gift. It’s truly a family moment, with lots of loved wrapped into it.  
Give yourself the gift of self love this Christmas! Stop and pause, and practice your presence. Look around you and see how lucky your are, and make sure to be a blessing to someone else as well. I hope I’ve inspired you to enjoy the next few days, and to be thankful.
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased! Luke 2:14

Tavia Hayduk taytay514@yahoo.com


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