My very funny, very true Christmas Story

Today I was inspired to write to you by a picture that came up on my time hop.  I must admit that I love looking back on the memories, and seeing what we were doing a few years ago. Sometimes the pictures make me get a little sentimental, because I can see how fast my daughters growing.  Other times, I come across something so funny, that I have to write a blog about it so I never forget! Today was one of those funny days. When I saw this picture I knew Immediately it was time to put it into words.

A couple of years ago, my daughter was in a Christmas play at our local theatre.  It was called the Worst Christmas Pageant Ever.  It was originally a book, and it’s really cute.  If you haven’t read it yet I would highly recommend it.  We live in a small town in Ohio. My husband is a teacher at the middle school, and I do hair, and I am also a martketer for an anti aging company.  

When our daughters in a play, we normally attend every performance.  There are times when I go with her early, so I can help with hair and make up.  They always put on an amazing show, and you might even shed a tear or two around the Christmas Season.  I almost cried before this show but for entirely different reasons. 

This is my husband and I. It’s important for you to see us, as I tell this story so I’ve included these pictures.  I’m afraid that the story alone, wouldn’t do it justice.  You must be able to see what’s going on here as this plays out.  

I’m at the theatre helping with hair, and my husband is at home watching football.  He’s going to meet us there when it’s time for the performance, and so are some of our friends  and family.  The place was packed that night, as it is most weekends.  We have to buy our tickets ahead of time, and they are assigned seats. Of course when our daughter has one of the main roles, we choose to sit closer to the stage.  We were very close to the front.

As with many men in November, my husband loves to grow out his beard.  In this picture his beard is pretty tame.  He must have just groomed himself, as he often does during the winter months.  He’s a very hairy man, and he can grow a beard overnight. I honestly don’t care one way or the other about the beard. I think it’s kind of cute to see him take pride in it, and switch it up every now and then.  But then this particular Saturday night, he showed up to the play looking like this

At first I was in complete shock! I was horrified! I’m pretty sure my brain released some adrenaline in a panic, wondering who all was here,and was going to witness this atrocity. (Atrocity; noun meaning an extremely wicked or cruel act)  This is the one time that I did NOT like his facial hair! What the hell!! He looked like Chester the Molester. How could my cute husband even look like this?  He was so proud of his mustache, I finally came around.  He told me he thought he looked like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.  Our friends said Geraldo Rivera, and they also said he looks like he should be driving an ice cream truck, which goes along with my initial Chester emotions! 

There were people there who see him every day and didn’t realize who he was.  His students looked at him in wonder and were completely confused by the stache on his face.  People didn’t know if he was serious, and this was his new look, or if it was a joke.  They didn’t know how to act.  Should they laugh, or would it offend him? This is where my funny lies.  I am actually cracking up over here writing this right now. Seeing people look at him, made the mustache with it.  Watching their confusion and reactions were all that I needed. It makes me giggle a lot! I haven’t seen him look like his again since then, but you can bet your bottom dollar he will make another appearance at some point!

Choose presence his Christmas Season

Share my funny Christmas story with anyone who needs a laugh!

Tavia Hayduk. Wifey of Chester AKA Ron 

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