Learn to listen to your heart 

I’ve learned many things over the last year, but learning to quiet my brain has to be the best one yet! Our brains will run us or we will run them, that much is true. How do you feel about your brain? Does it do what you tell it to do, or does it run free and chaotic? 
There’s no way you can listen to your heart, if your brain is acting a fool. I’m serious about this one, you don’t know what your heart wants, if your brain is working overtime. We have the ability to somewhat master parts of our brains. We can actually change the way they work, and the way they process stuff. Doesn’t it sound lovely to come from a place of peace and calmness, rather then a place of fear and discomfort? (I think it does)
I used to get owned by my brain all of the time! It actually became quite annoying, to be the victim of myself, but I didn’t know any other way. It is through suffering and hard times that I learned how to develop some new habits. It is through pain and tears that I learned how to keep going. When times are the hardest we grow the most.  

All of our lives are different, but we as people are the same.  

We want to be loved and accepted, but we often fail to recognize how to love ourselves. 
Can I inspire you to do something new for your brain!? Start a new habit, that helps you be more positive, that helps you quiet the brain. 
Your heart wants to be heard so stop and listen to it💜

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