Facebook live is my favorite 

Our kids have been creating and coding their own video game from scratch.  They’ve spent countless hours, and many months preparing.  As parents we were on this little adventure with them.  There were times when she would come home excited, and then there were other times she would come home defeated. All the while they never gave up, They persevered and pushed on.  They had documents erased that they had to completely  redo.  They had a presentation for the community, and things didn’t go well.  As a mom I felt sad for them, I wanted their hard work to pay off. 

Yesterday was the big day! They were able to show the game they created and share it with the world.  They traveled by bus to Purdue University and guess what!?!?  THEY WON!

Look at those smiles! I still get goosebumps looking at this picture.  Some people might be annoyed by the new feature on Facebook! But I love Facebook live! I love it for my business and I love it for times like this.  One of the parents was there, and they streamed the ceremony live.  I was able to feel their excitement, and witness their win first hand.

I sat here on my couch, on the edge of my seat waiting for the announcements.  I didn’t watch the competition so I have  no idea what kind of games the other kids put together. But this I do know, our kids learned a lot more during this semester then they will probably learn all school year.  Creating your own video game is exciting, but they learned life long lessons during this Process. 

They learned about teamwork, and compromise.  They learned how many months it takes to prepare for something like this.  They learned perseverance, compassion, and kindness.  This whole program was so much more then just a game, it was about unity and hard work. It was about taking all of those ideas and making them work. 

Thank goodness for Facebook Live! Words cannot express how much it meant for me to be there watching them present.  Being the empath that I am, I cried through The Whole thing.  My daughter texted me as soon as she got a chance, and I was able to say I saw it.  I was there, even though I wasn’t there.  I was able to feel their excitement, I was able to experience their joy, live and in the moment. 

Our school is so lucky that they got picked for this.  Our teachers are amazing and their commitment to this team was 100% 

Just another blessing and thing to be thankful for during this Christmas Season! Gratitude becomes a habit if you try it long enough!

Go BMS you earned this win!
Winner winner chicken dinner

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