Ever heard of Tech Fit? Me neither, until now!

My daughter is in the 6th grade, it’s her first year of middle school.  This year, her school received one of four grants to implement a new program.  It was called Tech Fit.  The kids learned how to create their own video game. They also had to code it, and create the animations from scratch.  They all received a version of a fit bit, and had to track their progress.  The game needed to include physical fitness, hence the fit part of the Tech.

When they signed up to do this, they were told of the commitment that would be required.  They have been preparing since school started.  They were at the school twice a week, for the last three months.  On top of creating the game, they also had to preform some community service.  So for the last month they have been visiting the old folks home, and spending time with them.  Peyton has been playing bingo with  them, and she has really enjoyed her time there.  

This project was huge and required a ton of commitment from many people.  The teachers had to volunteer their time,  just like the parents had to be willing to get them there weekly.  I am thankful that she’s been able to be apart of something so new, and amazing.  There were at least 35 kids who participated, so you can imagine that at times it was a  bit chaotic.  However, having so many people, required them to learn how to compromise, and work as a team. They had to take all of those ideas, and put them together, to create one game.  

After months of hard work, and numerous obstacles along the way, today after school they are heading to Purdue University.  They will be presenting their game, along with the other schools.  They will be spending the night in a hotel tonight, and presenting their game tomorrow.  

They were able to raise money for their T-Shirts, the hotel, and a nice dinner out on Thursday.  Our community is so lucky to have these kids, as part of your future.  They are going to do some really amazing things.  I wish them luck on their journey today, and I cover them in prayers for safe travels. 

Here she is this morning all excited to go away with her friends.  The experiences, and memories that she’s creating will last a life time. It makes my heart happy to see her smile from the inside.  It’s our job to give our kids the tools to fly, and this girl right here is soaring to new heights.  

These are her buddies who live in our neighborhood.  We car pooled with them the entire time.  It helped everyone out and we are thankful for such amazing friends.  These kids are already winners in my book.  Thank you to the schools for allowing us to be a part of this amazing program.  Thank you to the teachers who volunteered their time and efforts to make this possible.  Thank you to the parents who supported their dreams, and thank you to the kids for teaching us what it means to dream again.

This is yet another Christmas Feeling to add to our hearts! Safe travels kids, and we hope you win! Will introducing engineering to middle school students increase the chances of them becoming engineers in the future? Stay tuned for these results as the years progress.

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