How to change your brain 

So many times in life we are our own worst enemy. Change lies directly inside of our own hearts, but we don’t know how to actually do it. We see other people living their lives differently, in a gratuitous place, but how do we get there? It’s not something that happens all at once, it’s the small changes that we make every single day.  
The way that you see things, has a lot to do with the way your life is going. If you are a positive person, you’ve learned how to become that way, and the same goes for a negative person. We are creatures of habit, we have trained ourselves to see things through our goggles. But what if you decided that it’s time for a new pair of goggles, or maybe that yours just need some cleaning.  
This would be the first step in learning a new habit. First you just need to simply recognize that you don’t like the way you think, or feel. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. What you do on a daily basis will determine your feelings for the week. I like to compare our brains to the muscles in our bodies. They are very similar and it’s an easy comparison for us to understand. If you don’t work out, then your muscles get weak. They don’t disappear, they are just out of shape because you haven’t used them. Our brains are the same way. 
If your used to using the negative part of your brain, then it’s the strongest because it gets the most use. But what if I told you that you could activate another part of the brain. What if I told you the key to change is already inside you, but you just need to learn how to get it started? Would you be willing to do so? Would you like to see the world through a different set of goggles? 
Life is much better when you decide to look at it as a gift, instead of a chore. I am so glad that I decided to work on myself for once. I’m 42 years old and most of my life has been spent worrying about everyone else. I love that my 40’s finally have to do with me! If this is mid life, I will take it gladly.  
One day at a time, I choose to be the change. I try to put out some kindness into the world, and I know that it will come back to me. You only get one life, I hope you make it the best that it could possibly be!

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