Olaf, the Gingerbread Man, and the Grinch spread Holiday Cheer

It’s the season for a little Grinch,  Gingerbread Man, and Olaf.  That’s my family right there.  Our town had its Christmas Parade Friday night, and we were able to be a part of it.  We were not in the actual parade, we were more like the pre game show.  I wanted to be the grinch because how much fun is that? I did his sneaky little walk, my belly was stuffed and lopsided, and I was warm that’s for sure.  

My daughter wanted to be Olaf, but when she tried the head on, it was to much.  It man handled her, and the kids would have been sad when Olafs head fell off.  So my husband quickly became the snowman.  Peyton actually probably had the most comfortable out fit on. I couldn’t see anything all night long.  Look at how small those eye holes are! I was blinded but it was still so much fun.  We had our pictures taken with lots of little kids and adults.  There was a DJ playing music, so we got to do a little dancing, and cut a little rug.  

Small towns are good for traditions.  We’ve been going to the Christmas Parade for years now.  Sometimes we’re in it, and sometimes we watch it.  This year it was better then it’s ever been.  More people participated and were a part of it, and this made it last longer.  Santa is always the last one in the Parade, and the kids can go meet him when it’s over.  

I took the time to be thankful, and grateful for my family.  We made some new memories this year.  We made a lot of people happy, and in doing so it made us happy.  It’s really what I think Christmas times is all about. It’s about the feelings that come along with it.  It’s about the love that’s wrapped up in it.  It’s about the everyday blessings, and the wonderful,things we have in our lives. It’s about practicing presence, and living in the moment.

I am such a lucky lady.  I have so much love surrounding me, and I have so much love to give the the world.  I try on a daily basis to put something positive out there.  If you take the time to look for the everyday miracles in your life, you will find that they are overflowing.  You don’t have to give monetarily to help others.  We helped a couple hundred people have a great night, and it didn’t cost us a thing.  It was exactly the opposite, it filled up our hearts as much as it filled up theirs.

What can you give that will make someone’s Christmas a little bit special?

Tavia Hayduk 


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