What color is your soul?

Hello friends! I am back from Vacation and ready to inspire you! I found the quote below and it really stood out to me. Our thoughts do become a part of our souls. Sometimes we need to change our thoughts because they are disempowering, or untrue. Our brains are so complicated, yet utterly amazing. 
We are creatures of habits, and we can change those habits by becoming aware of them. Our brains want to keep us safe, but our souls say set me free! Our brain says, you can’t do that, but our soul says, oh yes you can. Our brain says, that’s to much work. Our soul says believe in yourself, be the change.  
There’s an alignment with my soul and brain right now, because I became aware of many new things. Now I know the things I must do on a daily or weekly basis to keep my self in order. Exercise is a huge part of my life, not only for my body but for my brain. When we exercise, our brains release happy endorphins. Yoga and jazzercise are my happy places. If I can’t make it to classes, I will still make the time to do it at home. You tube has some great yoga videos, and yoga also helps quiet the mind. It helps keep you balanced.
This week pick one new thing your going to work on, and then do it daily. It could be exercise, meditation, thinking positive thoughts, deleting negative thoughts, random acts of kindness, trying something new. Whatever it is make a decision to own it like a boss! 
Baby steps my friends, patience with yourself and your ability to learn new things. You are a beautiful work in progress, and you are going to love the feeling of self acceptance. Your soul with glow with beautiful colors, and your brain will thank you.

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