Suck It Up Buttercup

Today I’m going to inspire you to change the way you think! This is me this morning, decorating our Christmas tree! We put it up last weekend and haven’t gotten around to the decorations yet! 
I asked my family a couple of times if they were interested in decorating. My hubby was tired, and my daughter said it looks pretty the way it is. So I decided I was going to do it myself🎄
The old Tay Tay would have played the victim. I would have said boo hoo, nobody wants to decorate with me. I would then allow this to dictate the rest of my day, or perhaps the rest of my week. So sad, nobody cares about our tree. No one wants to spend time with me🌲why am I so alone? This sucks! My family doesn’t care about Christmas! I’m the only one in this house who cares! I’ll show them I will do it myself! (That was painful to even write 😁😁)
However, I made all of that up😀I don’t feel that way today even a little bit. But I would have 2 years ago. Today I thought this is exciting! I get to decorate the tree all by myself! I get to put everything exactly where I want it, I get to take my time and I get to make it mine. I didn’t feel any resentment while I was decorating. I was present and aware and I was actually grateful ⭐️
I was excited to get it done, and I was proud thinking about how much I’ve changed ⭐️ this is a Christmas memory that I’ve never had, and I think it’s pretty special💜  
If your miserable, angry, mad, or the victim, remember that it’s your choice. You are the one with these feelings and you are the one who has to deal with them! You created this, will you be brave enough to change yourself?
When your ready to change your life for the 

better simply by changing yourself contact me🌟

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