My 15 year Love story

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl who were both from Ohio.  They  moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but not together, they had never met. They had different reasons for moving there, but they both loved the beach and the sun.  She lived on a golf course in a brand new apartment, and he moved in upstairs from her.  She saw him the very first day while he was moving his stuff in.  He had 3 other roommates and she lived alone with her son.  She thought he was very cute, however he was not the kind of guy she normally dated. 

A classic game of cat and mouse took place.  She liked him, but he was different somehow than the other men in her life.  He also liked her, but he struggled with a few things.  He had a picture in his head of what his life was going to look like, and then here comes this wild crazy girl and her son.  She fell in love with him hard, but her life hadn’t always been easy and this caused problems when it came to love.  He also had his own issues  to work through, but somehow their love for each other became stronger then their fears. Their friends and family thought they were crazy.  They were so different, this could never work.  The odds were stacked against them.  Her family was poor and had seen many hard times.  Her parents were divorced and she struggled with trust and abandonment issues.  He came from a very wealthy family, and their home lives were completely different. But somehow these 2 people knew they were meant to be together.  They decided to get rid of the ideas in their heads and to love with their hearts, instead of their minds. They got married in 2001, and so began a love story.Since they were both from Ohio but still living in the south, they had their wedding in her home town.  They were surrounded by family, friends,and lots of love.  After their wedding day, the marriage was immediately put to the test.  He lost his new job because of 9/11 and they had to move back to Ohio.  It was a rough start, but somehow they persevered. The first year of marriage was one of the hardest for them.  They had so many changes that they were going through.As the years went by, their love story continued.  There were times when loving each other was a walk in the park, and then there were times when they wanted to quit and to give up. Because no one ever told them that marriage was hard work. People were not open about marriage and it’s struggles.    They knew what kind of marriage they wanted, but it wasn’t always the easiest thing to achieve.  It wasn’t easy because they wanted more. They want to be in love forever, not just merely exist together.

Their birthdays are very close together. In fact they are so close, that they share the same sign, the Taurus.  This can work for them and against them, depending on the situation. They are both very stubborn people, but they realized this was one of the lessons they needed to learn. God put  them together for a reason. I imagine the angels he sent to earth were at their wits end when this relationship started.  I imagine them throwing their hands up in the air and thinking how are we going to make this happen. These people are stubborn and unwilling to compromise, but yet there was a burning desire that grew between them.

Like any good love story, there are ups and there are downs. These 2 decided they were meant to be together.  The love they felt for each other was magical and amazing, but it was also scary and hard.  She didn’t know what real love felt like and she had to tear down her walls to let him in.  She wasn’t sure if she was good enough for him, and he had his own doubts and insecurities.But somehow they made it work.  They had a blended family, and he took on the role of a father to her son.  Over the years there were many good times, and bad times.  Being married is one of the most rewarding things ever, and one of the hardest things in the world at the same time.  The marriage itself has help healed the broken parts of them. Being parents is hard work, but they tackled it head on.They added a little girl to their family in 04! This brought many new traditions and memories with it.  She fit into their little family of 3, and made it a family of 4.

Every year, they continued to make new memories. Their love for the beach and the sun continued, because that’s where it all began.  Their son grew up,and he fell in love, so they added a lovely girl to their family. It seemed as those every year, they had new reasons to thankful. They wishes they could slow down time, but they knew that was impossible.

Their love for each other continued to grow, and they made their own way in this world. They created the marriage they had always wanted and they never ever gave up on each other, even when that would have been the easiest thing to do.  They love hard, and they play hard. They have learned how to balance life and love. 15 years ago today, they got married. It was a beautiful 70 degree day in Ohio, and today is going to be the same. They still know how to have fun together, and laugh at each other. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and he is more reserved. She gets to see a special part of him, that he only shares with her, and this makes her feel even more special.

She sometimes wonders how she got so lucky. Not only is her husband  sexy as hell, but    He’s faithful and committed to her. He is an amazing father to their kids and he continues to spoil her and make her feel loved. They are dedicated to each other and to their marriage. They realize what an amazing gift it is.The love they share is unique and special.  They now are moving onto another chapter in their lives, and this one includes a new  granddaughter.  They didn’t know how much love and joy she would bring to their lives. 

So their little family continues to grow and change, and so do they.  They are proud of the foundation that they have built, and of their lives together! They are rich in love and lucky to be parents to such amazing kids. They are the perfect yin and yang.  He’s quiet, she’s loud. He’s and introvert, she’s an extrovert. He’s calm and she’s crazy. They are both exactly as they should be.It all started right here on this very beach 17 years ago.  They celebrate 15 years of marriage,  and each year they love deeper, they love stronger, they love healthier. Each year, they learn new things about the other.  Each year they unlock another piece of the puzzle.

This is a love story about 2 imperfect people who fell in love. It was no chance that he moved in the apartment above her, it was actually destiny. 

This  isn’t just any love story, this is my story, our story. The story of Jon and Tavia Hayduk. Many years ago Jon wrote me a love story, so since today we are celebrating 15 years together I decided to write him our story! I love you and I am thankful for you! Here’s to 15 more 💕

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